Animal agriculture is a large contributor to climate change because of the greenhouse gases released. For many years, the evidence has pointed to eating less meat (ideally no meat at all) to fight climate change. A university in the United Kingdom is taking this seriously and making progressive, sustainable changes!

Goldsmiths, University of London is banning the sale beef, imposing a charge on certain plastic products, and aiming to become carbon neutral! More than any other livestock, cows produce great amounts of methane and require more land and water, and that’s why they are specifically banning beef.


However, their sustainability initiatives don’t end there. They are also charging a 10 pound levy on bottled water and single-use plastic cups. Surely this will encourage students, staff, and anyone on campus to instead invest in reusable containers and avoid plastic. Plastic pollution is another serious crisis that like climate change, is often ignored. But Goldsmiths isn’t ignoring the problem.

They plan to install more solar panels in, and according to BBC, “switch to a 100% clean energy supplier as soon as possible.” In addition, they are also aiming to become carbon neutral by 2025! To ensure these sustainable practices only improve and are carried further into the future, part of the plan is to encourage more students to study climate change!

These are great changes to be made in an institution where people are learning. More than just raising awareness about climate change, people need to actually learn what steps can be taken and what can be done to fight climate change. Hopefully, other universities do the same, and not just universities but many institutions, companies, schools, workplaces, and more!

If you’d like more information on what you can do to fight climate change, see 3 Stats About Meat and Climate Change That Can Change the World and What’s the Best Diet to Nourish You and the Planet?


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