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We have all heard the oft-quoted story of a frog needlessly perishing in a slowly heating pot. The frog could just hop out, but because the temperature increase was slow and progressive, he didn’t react until it was too late. I am confident humans will react to climate change and take whatever action is required. But only as they accept the real and unutterably sad consequences of not doing so.

The problem is that climate intensification could reach the point of no return earlier than we can hop to the planet’s protection. Like the frog, the consequences of acting too late could be deadly. This cuts across all the divisions that separate us.

Climate intensification is –

  • Agnostic
  • Apolitical
  • Colorblind
  • Equitable
  • Gender-neutral
  • Intercontinental
  • Nondiscriminatory
  • Unbigoted
  • There will be no intermission

The irreparably splintered and fragmented consciousness of humankind may finally achieve unity of purpose through the commonality of the love of life and the desire for a decent future for our children. Despite every other difference, we love and share the same sky, all our rivers feed into the seas and intermingle. We are in this together. If we leave it too late to act, our kids are going to have to live every minute of the ensuing chaos.

hand on soil
Photo courtesy of milkadamia

Too much Co2 is in the atmosphere, and much of it is being absorbed by the oceans. Neither of these is suitable for life on Earth. Where Co2 will do the most good is in our soil. The soil can hold vast quantities of Co2. Regenerative farming is a system of agriculture that creates healthier carbon-absorbing soils—a genuine ray of hope. If 20% of the currently cultivated land became regenerative, we would halt and even reverse the build-up of carbon in our sky. Because the world could do with a little more breathing space – we encourage consumers to demand regeneratively farmed produce.

Regenerative farming is a system that builds healthy soil by:

  • Increasing its water holding capacity
  • Increasing water filtration
  • Decreasing soil erosion
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Increasing biodiversity
  • Reducing the farmer’s cost
  • Growing more and more nutrient-dense food
  • Supporting billions of thriving microorganisms that make the soil a living source of vitality and the engine of all life above ground
  • Sequestering Co2 on a massive scale
Jindilli Farm Australia
JIndilli Farm, Australia, Photo courtesy of milkadamia

Regenerative farming/agriculture is consumers’ most effective accessible response to carbon excess inexorably hot-housing the future. Consumers are the only power enabled to force the change to regenerative farming on the scale necessary and, in time, to alter the predicted trajectory of the health of our planet.

We consumers, inadvertently or not, express our values with every dollar we spend on food. Every consumer will make thousands of food purchases in their lifetime. We can speak loudly to corporations and agriculturalists in the language they listen most attentively to – their market share and profit. By directing our spending, we Support an agricultural system or allow it to shrivel on the vine (so to speak).

This is not pie in the sky – consumers, spontaneously, are already doing it. The non-dairy milk sector, the category we at Milkadamia operate in, is proof. Mighty dairy, once a giant monopoly, is being humbled as consumers across the globe redirect their funds away from dairy.

A potent force latent within the mounting global eco-apprehension is a pent-up willingness to act. Only the tools have been missing. We, the consumers, chose to no longer be a compliant herd, we demand to be heard.

We are aware that every dollar we spend on food not only sustains our families, but it also supports whole industries and agricultural systems. By demanding only regeneratively farmed products at the grocery, fast food, and restaurants, we consumers have in our hands a lever that can achieve the goal of 20% of cultivated land becoming regenerative. We can force the change faster than any legislation or protest could ever accomplish. Our leadership has squandered thirty vital years in talk-fests. They won’t/can’t save us – we are going to have to do that ourselves.

Macadamia trees
Macadamia trees. Photo courtesy of milkadamia

The 20% of currently cultivated land required to be farmed regeneratively (a vast acreage) is scattered across borders, separated by oceans, rivers, cultures, politics, and seasons. No single entity has governance, but fortunately, none is required. The force that will convert agricultural practice to regenerative farming is also scattered across borders and oceans and separated by politics, race, mountain ranges, and rivers – we the people.

Our request for, and insistence on, regeneratively farmed food can alter the trajectory of our planet’s future. It is possibly the only thing that can. We can force change without any clash of arms, without muscle and bluster, just the purposeful application of values that are common to all, which are expressed in every food choice.

Come on in – the water is warm.

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