A coalition of organizations led by the Rodale Institute, Dr. Bronner’s, and Patagonia has announced a new Regenerative Organic Certification at the Natural Products Expo West trade show.

The new certification would go above what the USDA requires for certifying a product as organic, which will be a prerequisite for regenerative organic certification.


In addition to the USDA’s organic food requirements, the Regenerative Organic Certification will also take factors like animal welfare, environmental impact, and social justice into account, requiring products to meet an additional existing certification such as Fair Trade Certification or Animal-Welfare Approved.

Regenerative Organic Certification

“Regenerative Organic Certification builds upon the near 100-year legacy of organic movement visionaries like J. I. Rodale and Dr. Rudolf Steiner and provides stepwise guidance for farming and ranching operations, transportation, slaughter, and processing facilities that produce food, cosmetics, and fiber,” says the coalition’s website.

“It is essential to farm in a way that enriches rather than degrades the soil, and values animals and workers. Regenerative Organic Certification leverages existing highbar organic, animal welfare, and social fairness certifications, and includes additional regenerative requirements,” the website adds.


The new certification will seek to improve animal welfare and conditions for farmers and farm workers, as well as increasing the organic matter in soil to help combat climate change.

“Regenerative Organic Certification does not aim to supplant current organic standards,” said the Rodale Institute. “Instead, this certification aims to support these standards while at the same time facilitate widespread adoption of holistic, regenerative practices throughout agriculture. It builds upon the standards set forth by USDA Organic and similar programs internationally, particularly in the areas of animal welfare and farmer and worker fairness.”

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