Ladonna Slayton, a twenty-year-old from Washington State, suffered severe burns after trying to rescue her dog from a Yellowstone National Park hot spring.

Slayton and her father had been touring Yellowstone National Park when their dog, Rusty, jumped out of their car. The 20-year-old went after her pup, but before she could catch him, he fell into Maiden’s Grave Spring near the Firehole River. She tried to save Rusty from the scalding spring and ended up with second and third-degree burns all over her body.

Slayton’s father pulled her out of the spring and drove her to the nearest medical facility. In the process, a stranger was able to pull the dog out.  Sadly, it was too late for the poor pup. Rusty died from his injuries

Slayton is just one of many visitors in the last few years to have been burned by the hot springs. Just weeks prior, a Yellow Stone employee also sustained severe burns from a hot spring. Several people have also fallen into springs and been badly burned in the last several years.

Slayton has undergone multiple surgeries and could be kept sedated for three weeks. She will also likely be in the hospital for a few months. Her father’s burns from rescuing her are healing and their other pup, Chevy, is coping with the loss of Rusty. This is a tragedy and hopefully, more safety measures will be put in place to keep incidents like this one from occurring again.

To help support the Slayton family, you can donate to their GoFundme.

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