An estimated 30 million dogs and cats die across Asia each year for human consumption. After being confined in crowded cages without adequate food or water for their entire life, most of these animals are brutally tortured to death, as some cultures believe that the more an animal suffers, the more tender the meat will be.

Bunny’s Buddies is a nonprofit organization based in California with the mission of saving innocent, family-friendly dogs from meat trucks, shelters and slaughterhouses in Asia and bringing them back to the USA to find their forever home.


The types of dogs popularly used for food in South Korea and other Asian countries include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Great Pyrenees – dogs that we’ve grown to love and adore in the United States. These are some of the common breeds that Bunny’s Buddies brings back from Asia, so for those who think that pure-bred rescues don’t exist, think again!

Humane Society rescuer petting a dog in cage

Source: Jean Chung for HSI

While most dog rescues ask for donations or shelter help, Bunny’s Buddies has a unique role that they ask volunteers to support with. The only way to get dogs from China to the USA is by flying, so Bunny’s Buddies needs volunteers to escort the rescue dogs on the journey to their new home.

If you happen to have summer travel booked and are flying through China to the USA, consider helping out to save a life – or five! It costs absolutely nothing, assuming you already have your ticket, and the process is easy. The team at Bunny’s Buddies handles all of the logistics on the backend so you can focus on providing some much-needed TLC to the deserving pups.


While fighting the dog meat trade is an uphill battle, Bunny’s Buddies is determined to make a difference. And without a doubt, they do. If the dogs that have been rescued could talk, they would tell the story of the filthy, cramped cages they called home and the abuse they endured on a daily basis before Bunny’s Buddies stepped in. The organization is able to open the door to a new chapter and show these dogs what it means to have a family and be loved.

As a flight volunteer, you can become an integral part of a dog’s long journey thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean, from a meat market to a loving home.

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