A veterinarian has warned that the new trend on TikTok called #thequeeniscoming, involving picking up a cat like a phone, could potentially harm the animal.

TikTok users have recreated Sandra Oh’s scene from “The Princess Diaries,” in which she quickly answers the phone, mutters a few words, and then hangs up, but using their cats as the phone. The videos show cats flipped upside down, being held at odd positions with their limbs sticking up in the air, and then tossed down.

Dr. Jessica May, the UK lead veterinarian at the video vet service FirstVet, says the trend “could ultimately lead to a dangerous misunderstanding of how animals should be handled.”

“Many are handled roughly and their body language shows a negative response to having been picked up,” May said. “It is especially concerning to see some cats being held upside down — something that is not only very frightening for the animal but that also puts the pet at risk of head injury if dropped.” Picking the cats up at often strange and unnatural angles could also lead to hurt their back, spine, or skull.


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Often there’s little indication of whether the cat is placed down appropriately after the audio ends. One video shows a cat being placed on a counter only to immediately slip and fall off.


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♬ original sound – maddieyoungman

“When placing an animal down it is important to ensure that they are slowly lowered towards the floor feet first, and that they are able to step away once their paws have come into contact with the ground,” she said. “If an animal is scared, and is scrambling to escape, they risk falling, which could in turn lead to sprains or broken bones.”

In addition to this TikTok trend, other videos involving animals have become increasingly popular while people are quarantining with their pets. However, animal experts warn that these  “pet fail” videos could cause long-term damage to the animals.

Read more about TikTok’s history with animal abuse videos and sign this petition to demand that TikTok ban all animal cruelty videos.

Sign this petition to demand that TikTok ban users who create any content depicting animal cruelty!

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