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On the night of May 9, PFR crews responded to a house fire in someone’s garage. The first crew to arrive on the scene found the garage fully engulfed in flames and the house full of smoke. The fire was quickly contained by the fire team while the house was searched. The search crew found the family’s beloved cat and handed him off to awaiting firefighters who treated him for any possible injuries from the fire and administered life-saving oxygen.

Source: CBSDFW/Youtube

Once the fire was completely put out, the Plano fire-rescue team share photos in a Facebook post of the brave firefighters who administered life-saving oxygen to the cat, who was distressed from smoke inhalation. Luckily, no other injuries were reported, and the cat’s family was extremely relieved that he was okay.

Firefighters always keep oxygen masks specially shaped and sized to fit the face of dogs and cats for scenarios just like this one. Pet oxygen masks have been around for decades and are used by veterinarians. However, their use by firefighters, paramedics, and animal rescue teams has become increasingly more common in the last decade, experts say.

Just removing an animal from a smoky fire isn’t always enough. Similarly, with people, the earlier that you can deliver oxygen to combat carbon monoxide, the better it will be for the animals that wouldn’t otherwise survive the trip to the hospital, says Claims Journal.

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