Many countries are on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping the world. Businesses are shut down and sports have been put on hold, with entire seasons cancelled. However, Spain’s cruel bloodsport of bullfighting, which already receives funding from the government, wants the government to bail them out with a ridiculously large sum of money.

Organizations that protect and defend the “sport” are asking culture minister José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes for an estimated €700 million (about $769 million USD) in taxpayer cash to save the sport from losses during the lockdown.

That is an insane amount of money and there is reasonably and understandably a lot of backlash from animal rights activists. Bullfighting is a sport that many people already want to see come to an end, and despite being linked to Spanish culture, it’s been proven that many people in Spain actually do not support the “sport.”

People are not able to protest on the streets due to the lockdown and social distancing rules, but they are taking to social media with the message “more health workers, less bullfighting,” and the hashtag #AyudasTauromaquiaNO, which means “no help to bullfighting.”

As the activists say, this is a time of need for healthcare. People are sick and dying, healthcare workers are risking their lives on the frontlines of this pandemic. Bullfighting should not be a concern or priority, especially not such a costly one. In fact, bullfighting is outdated and cruel as it is. Sign this petition to tell José Manuel, Spain’s Culture Minister, to say NO!

To speak up against bullfighting some more, sign these other petitions:

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