Marine parks and aquariums are often viewed as fun and educational places to take children. However, there is a much darker reality behind these attractions. Dolphins are stolen from their families and natural habitats to live out their lives in captivity for human entertainment. They are kept in tiny tanks and forced to perform the same unnatural tricks over and over for loud crowds, which causes these intelligent creatures mental distress. As a result, dolphins in captivity become depressed, lethargic, sick, and angry. Thus, these institutions that sometimes claim to “conserve” dolphins and other marine animals, actually cause them a great deal of harm.

There have been so many documented incidences of dolphins being maltreated, getting sick, and dying as a result of living in captivity. One dolphin named Honey was captured in 2005 for the Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium in Choshi, Japan. Then, in 2018, the park closed after ticket sales plummeted, and they left the animals behind. The Dolphin Project tried to save her, but unfortunately, she died in the abandoned park in April of 2020. Recently, there have been reports of sick and injured dolphins being forced to perform at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium. The list goes on.


Source: Mashable/Youtube

Fortunately, driven by making the industry way more humane, entrepreneurs at Edge Innovations have made a dolphin robot, The Dolphin Robotic Unit (DRU), to take the place of live animals. Sign this petition to demand that the Association of Zoos and Aquariums change their accreditation standards so that no aquarium can hold standing with them unless they commit to phasing out marine mammal captivity and replacing the cruel practice with these educational robots.

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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