Last week, Pedigree launched their new program, Rescue Doodles, that matches kids’ drawings of dogs to real-life similar-looking adoptable dogs!

The program was created to encourage children to participate in the adoption process. Rescue Doodles uses AI technology and a machine learning model to match the sweet dog drawings of their dream dogs with shelter dogs who are available for adoption.

Families looking to save a shelter dog or who want to try the program can get started by texting ‘Doodle’ to 717-670-6675. The parent will then be prompted to send a picture of their child’s dog drawing, and thanks to, they will receive information about local look-alike dogs waiting to be adopted. The Rescue Doodles program is available through April 30.

According to Pedigree, it also hopes with Rescue Doodles to find families for all homeless pets in the United States. This program will help the approximately 3.1 million dogs that enter shelters every single year.

There are a lot of other factors outside of appearance to be considered when adopting a dog. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Families should consider their lifestyle, activity level, other pets, and if the dog is good with kids.

It’s also important to always adopt rescue dogs. Puppy mills and breeding is extremely irresponsible, and shelter pups deserve just as much love as any other dog!

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