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Mummy Diaries stars Sam and Billie Faiers are in trouble with fans for taking a horse carriage ride in Central Park, according to the Sun. They are in New York on a surprise birthday trip for Billie’s 30th.

Billie shared pictures of the horse and carriage ride on Instagram. Fans commented accusing the pair of animal cruelty. One wrote, You shouldn’t be sitting in that carriage looking so pleased with yourselves knowing how badly those poor horses are treated, especially you Sam with your new found love of them and Rosie being so into ponies.”

Other comments included “this is animal cruelty,” and “I guess a great pic for Instragram is a better feeling than how the poor horse was being treated. Just take a good look at how the horses are cruelly treated and neglected. Maybe next time you’ll think again…”

Animal rights groups are against carriage rides because of the treatment of horses. Horses are expected to navigate on busy roads and pull heavy loads. Horse drawn carriages are inhumane and cruel to horses. Horses endure painful, tight bridles and are forced to carry weight of up to 1,800 pounds. Horses endure tiny stables and a future of joint pain and arthritis if they are forced to serve this cruel industry.

Sign this petition to demand an end to the cruel horse carriage industry!


Read below about cities that have chosen to ban horse-drawn carriages and why this practice is so inhumane:

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