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A man known as “Uncle” Mahmoud has taken in unwanted dogs for decades on his property. The current pandemic has caused not only fear but the inflation of prices, and many people are unable to care for their pets or just don’t want to anymore. In the past four months, 101 dogs have been left near or on Mahmoud’s property.

Mahmoud told Asia Times: “People are so greedy they won’t even feed their dogs; they want everything for themselves. There’s at least 100 dogs here, look around.” But even when he’s frustrated at more and more dogs arriving, he still takes them in and makes sure there’s a clean, safe space for them. His property is filled with dogs, cats, and chickens roaming around, with the dogs eating intestines because it’s what he can get for free for them from butchers.

The head of animal protection NGO Carma, Zaynab Razzouk says their shelter is at max capacity with 56 dogs and cats, but are still being asked daily to take in animals. They keep finding dogs and cats abandoned on the streets, sometimes even with their collars still on. Since this crisis began, the price of dog food increased by 50% and people have begun abandoning their pets more than ever.

If you live in Lebanon, please consider adopting from NGO Carma, Animals Lebanon, or reaching out to “Uncle” Mahmoud to see how you can help. Anywhere you live in the world though, you should certainly consider fostering or adopting. Shelters and rescue centers are more overwhelmed than ever. You can also donate to your local shelter.

Sign this petition pledging to help animal shelters during these scary times.

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