Recently, a gray seal was found off the coast of Cornwall tangled in 77 pounds of plastic and fishing gear. Rescuers were unable to help him before he was killed by all the plastic and fishing gear. It was the worst case of entanglement they had ever seen. Ghost fishing gear kills around 100,000 marine animals each year. About 650,000 tons of ghost fishing gear is dumped in the ocean every year by fishing boats. Just one piece of this gear can kill up to 30 to 40 marine animals.

The seal in the video above, another victim of our pollution in the ocean, could have possibly suffered the same tragic fate if it weren’t for the kind kayakers who helped. They saw the seal struggling in the fishing line tangled around him. Understandably, the seal was terrified, but they did not give up. Using scissors, they freed the seal and he was able to swim off. Watch the full video to see the amazing rescue!

We’re incredibly happy this seal was saved by these kind people, but we have to do more to help marine animals. This video is evidence that marine animals are the ones who suffer when we dump trash and fishing gear in the ocean. Another video once found a baby seal playing with a discarded fishing knife — he could have been seriously injured or killed.

If you agree that fishing boats should not be allowed to dump their gear into the ocean and want regulations that penalize the fishing boats that do so, please sign this petition!

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