Everyone loves waking up to a fresh layer of snow blanketing the ground – and bears are no different!

Jenny is a Syrian Brown Bear at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in New York. While the center’s mission is to rehabilitate and release animals, Jenny is one of the permanent residents. She came from a breeding program that was trying to save her species. Syrian Brown Bears originate in the Middle East and thus, she wouldn’t do well on her own here.

When Jenny woke up one snowy morning before Christmas, she was in an especially playful mood! Her positive energy and joy are so heartwarming! This video of her running around and playing with her other rescued bear friends will no doubt bring a smile to your face!

Just remember, while this interaction is absolutely adorable, these are trained professionals who have known these bears for the majority of the bears’ lives. If a bear approaches you or you see one in the wild, follow these tips to avoid a dangerous situation for both you and the bear.

To support animals like Jenny, you can donate to the Orphaned Wildlife Center here.

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