Striped Hyenas are classified as “near threatened” and thus, are protected under India’s Wildlife Protection Act. Sadly, these animals still face many threats at the hands of humans, such as poaching and habitat destruction. The illegal trade of their skin and other body parts for use in medicine is a huge threat as well. Thus, these animals need all the protection they can get.  Fortunately, when villagers came across a striped hyena in peril recently, they knew just what to do!

Last year, a hyena fell thirty feet into a well. The animal survived, but he was injured and had no way of getting out. Fortunately, villagers found the hyena after about two days and called the Forest Department. Soon the Forest Department and Wildlife SOS were on the scene to help out the poor animal.


Source: Wildlife SOS

Rescuers lowered a trap down the well to help lift the hyena out. He was tentative at first, but eventually, the hyena went in and allowed rescuers to hoist him up. The rescue took three hours, but now the hyena is in safe hands! He has a fractured leg and multiple injuries but is getting medical attention. Hopefully will be able to go back into the wild soon!

To support more rescues like this one, you can donate to Wildlife SOS here.

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