Get ready for another amazing animal rescue story!

When farmers in Maharashtra, India found a semi-conscious young Golden jackal lying in a field, they immediately called for help. Forest officers brought the 3-year-old to the Wildlife
SOS Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar where veterinary officer Dr Nikhil Bangar discovered that the poor animal was suffering from a stomach infection and dehydration.


The jackal needed some intensive care, but after a few days, she was ready to be released back into the wild! It’s always so exciting when an animal can be returned to their natural habitat in good health. The look in their eyes of seeing their home again is indescribable.


According to Yogesh Ghodake, a Range Forest Officer in Otur, “The jackal was weak and exhausted when [they] found her.” And now, look at her! Ghodake said that they “are happy to see that that animal recovered quickly under the care of the Wildlife SOS team.”

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