After watching movies like “The Lion King” as a child, who wouldn’t want to try and hug a lion? After all, Disney did market Simba as a plush toy for kids and they do look like bigger versions of our own house-bound cats. Yeah they have sharp teeth, claws, and incredible speed…alright maybe it’s not such a great idea!

The video below by Big Cat Rescue shows you how you can truly hug a lion and all big cats for that matter. Big cats, like lions, are being threatened by increasing human interaction in many ways. This increased interaction is happening in the plains of Africa and at your “cute” animal shows here in the United States.

We may just be “hugging” our lions a little too close and it might result in helping further diminish populations. However, you can help give lions a true hug by supporting Big Cat Rescue in their efforts to protect lions and their cubs through a number of legislative options listed on their website and of course by becoming more informed by watching the video below!