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If you want to do more for animal welfare but don’t know how or where to start, you have come to the right place.

Contributing and helping by becoming an animal rights advocate is very easy and doesn’t require anything special from you. If you have a passion for helping animals, that’s more than enough!

Here are a few things that you can do to help out animals without ever having to leave your home.

How to Do More for Animal Welfare from Your House

If you want to help out the animals and become an Animal rights advocate, you might be surprised to know that you can do all of that from your own house.

You don’t even need to go outside to make a difference and lend a helping hand. It can be as simple as posting about Animal rights on your social media, or actively contributing to your community’s shelters and animal programs. 

There is a lot that you can do, so why not help out?


Donating is a great way to help out with animal welfare if you are able to. Donations can go to a number of very helpful programs aimed to help all kinds of animals.

You can always do research online to find the best places to Donate to, or you could simply, donate to your local animal programs. Animal shelters are always happy to take donations to help them manage all of the shelter animals.

Just be very careful when donating online and make sure you understand where exactly your money is going. You could even Donate to websites that spread awareness about Animal rights and help people become Animal rights advocates.

Raise Awareness

You can easily raise awareness for animal welfare from the comfort of your own home. It can be as simple as creating a blog or posting a comment on Animal rights.

You can easily start up your own blog where you talk about the issues coming against wildlife. Or you could use your social media presence to do that.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all great places to spread awareness. You can post about Animal rights issues, comment on other people’s posts, or share an article. Just remember to be nice about it!

The online world is one of the best places to take a stand for what you believe in, and provides you with such a large audience to reach.

You could even become a contributor or guest blogger for Animal rights or vegan websites. This allows you to spread awareness and get your name out there!

Eat a Vegan Diet

Eating a vegan diet is very possibly the best and most effective way to help with animal welfare – especially when you think of all of the animals that a vegan diet can help.

By eating a vegan diet, you are decreasing the demand for cows, pigs, and chickens that have to suffer for animal products. Going vegan can have such an amazing impact, even though you may not be able to see it for yourself.

Every person that goes vegan saves hundreds of lives every year by simply saying no to animal products. It is the simplest and fastest way to make a real difference for the well-being of animals.

You may never actually get to see the impact that your diet is making, but just know that it is making a difference. There will be pigs, chickens, and views that get to live just because you decided to make more empathetic food choices.

If you can encourage others to go vegan, you can make an even bigger difference! Spreading the word about veganism can be an amazing way to become an animal advocate.

Email Representatives

Another thing you can do for animal welfare is to email and get into contact with representatives.

Who you decide to contact will depend on your goals. Is there something that should be banned or animal cruelty going on somewhere? Depending on the issue, you will need to find the right people to email.

This may not sound like much, but it really can have a huge impact, especially if you are able to get more people to email the same representative. This will put more pressure on them, especially if they have the ability to change what you are asking them about.

Make sure you do your research and know who to contact, otherwise you will end up wasting your time.

Organize a Drive

Another amazing thing that you can do for animal welfare is to organize a drive. There are all kinds of drives you can organize, from pet drives to shelter drives to endangered species drives.

If you are having a shelter drive to help Support your local shelters, you will need to get all of their details along with the items that they need. Then, you can spread this information around within your community. This can be done with posters, banners, or using social media.

If you wanted to do something like host an endangered species drive. You would need to do the research on the species you’re most concerned about and find petitions to sign and people to contact. Then spread this information around as far as you can. To encourage others to sign the petitions, do their research, and contact people who can have an impact.

These kinds of drives can make such a difference and yet they can all be organized from the comfort of your own home!

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