Mallkini is the world’s largest privately-owned alpaca farm, near Muñani, Peru. It is owned by the Michell Group, the world’s largest exporter of alpaca tops and yarn. Recently PETA released an exposé revealing the abuse that alpacas endure at the wool farm and it’s absolutely gut-wrenching.

The workers at the wool farm were caught on video roughly handling and tying down alpacas that are clearly terrified. They pull them up from the floor by their tails and yank them around. Pregnant alpacas were slammed onto tables and their legs were pulled on a device so hard that they were nearly pulled from their sockets.

Warning: the video below contains distressing and graphic content. Please use discretion.

As can be seen in the video above, the terrified alpacas spit, cry, and vomit from fear as they are mistreated. As prey animals, they “have an innate instinct to flee from danger and potential harm. Restraining them on their backs and sides would cause fear, panic, and severe psychological distress,” according to an expert.

The investigation includes photos of alpacas with bloody limbs, injured mouths, severed eyelids, and more.

What You Can Do

You can fill out PETA’s form which goes to companies asking them to stop selling alpaca. Thanks to investigations like this, Gap Inc. and H&M have cut ties with Michell and ESPRIT will now phase out alpaca. You can make a difference by speaking up for these suffering animals.

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