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Finally! Scientific experiments on crabs and lobsters could finally end when the animal sentience bill became a law in the United Kingdom. Welfare rules would finally be applied to crustaceans and decapods.

Source: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)/Youtube

Many people still wrongly believe that fish and other marine animals are not sentient beings, which is far from the truth. As opposed to mammals and mice, there are few laws to protect crustaceans and decapods in scientific experiments. For example, The Guardian reported that scientists do not have to register how many crustaceans and decapods that they experiment on, so we have no idea how what extent these sentient creatures are being tested on. They are also not in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, which means that no licenses or training are required to use them in procedures or experiments.

Crustaceans and decapods are often used in experiments because they are sensitive to pollutants, and they breed quickly so that scientists can quickly exploit numerous generations. They are often used to see how different types of Pollution can affect bodies, but there are so many more humane and cruelty-free ways of doing this.

Now, The Guardian reported that crabs and lobsters are finally recognized as sentient beings. After passing the royal consent and approval by the parliament, ministers will need to consider the sentience of animals when implementing a policy. Therefore, there could finally be stricter laws on how these creatures are used in experiments. Sign this petition to demand that this law passes and gives crustaceans and mollusks like lobsters actual rights!

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