A British man has risked his life to help save animals from a zoo in war stuck Ukraine. The hero rescued a lion named Simba and a wolf named Akela that were stranded alone at a zoo.

Tim Locks, a veteran of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces who fought in Iraq, learned about animals stranded at a Ukrainian zoo and risked his life to save them. He traveled 1200 miles round trip through the crossfires in Ukraine to the zoo in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in southeast Ukraine.

Earlier this month, the zoo was able to successfully evacuate some animals, including six lions and six tigers, but they were unable to transfer the other two animals to the Poland zoo.

Locks shared updates throughout his four-day-long journey. The DailyMail reported that the animals remained in their cages and were safely picked up with a crane and put into the back of Locks’ van.

Locks is truly a hero for risking his life to save these two amazing animals, and it seems like his rescue missions won’t be ending anytime soon. He posted on Facebook, asking his following if anyone knew how to transport a giraffe.

We applaud these heroes that are risking their lives to save these helpless animals. Sign this petition to stand with Ukraine and check out 10 Ways to Help People and Animals in Ukraine!

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