Baby is a blind cow that found hope and happiness in a new friendship. A resident at Don’t Forget Us Pet Us Animal Sanctuary in Massachusetts, Baby was rescued when she was young.

Because she is blind, Baby needed constant care that a regular farm wouldn’t be able to provide. The animal sanctuary provided that for her. Deb Devlin, the owner of Don’t Forget Us Pet Us, gave Baby great care and watched her closely. Baby was completely isolated because the sanctuary didn’t have any other cows.

Then Deb had an idea. She wanted to give baby an animal friend to help give her company and comfort. Enter, Lulu. Lulu is a pig with special needs. Lulu’s mother accidentally broke her legs when she was a piglet and came to the sanctuary for special care, just like Baby.

Baby and Lulu have similar temperaments, were both rescued from slaughterhouses and both had disabilities. Could their friendship work? The sanctuary staff put Baby and Lulu in a pen together and they instantly bonded. “I had tried to pair Baby up with other animals, and it just didn’t work,” said one worker.

Baby and Lulu became inseparable. The pair ate together, walked together, and slept side by side. Lulu acted as a seeing-eye pig for Baby, guiding her around the pen and making sure she didn’t bump into things. The pair were friends for 8 years until Lulu’s death.

See pictures of Lulu and Baby together, check out this video:

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