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Life for homeless dogs is difficult, to say the least. These animals spend the majority of their days hunting for food and clean water on top of avoiding cars or other man-made dangers. It’s a tough and scary existence. Now imagine what it’s like to do all that without the benefit of eyesight. Sadly, this is the life that Hope the dog was going to face once her family decided they no longer wanted her or their other dog, Robby. That is, until Desislava Stoyanova, a dedicated animal rescuer based in Bulgaria, stepped in.

A Second Chance



When Desislava learned of Hope’s owner’s plan to drive to the next village and abandon their dogs, she immediately offered to take the dogs in. She has worked for many years saving the needy animals of Bulgaria and although she struggles to cover the costs associated with taking in so many animals, she never says no.



On arrival, she found the two dogs chained outside with no food or water, sleeping in their own excrement. When she released Robby from his chain, he ran around and jumped about in excitement. Hope did the exact opposite: she just lay down.

Desislava was confused as to why Hope wasn’t expressing the same energy and enthusiasm as Robby until she looked closer and discovered she was blind.

Without a second thought, Desislava took them to the veterinary clinic to get checked out. Except for a few issues, they were both in reasonable health, but Desislava couldn’t help but feel sorry for Hope with her blindness. She’d often find her bumping into trees or different objects and then falling down, flustered and confused.  So when Desislava heard about an operation that could restore Hope’s eyesight, obviously she did everything she could to raise the funds to make it happen.

Getting Hope’s Eyesight Back




After weeks of raising funds, Hope underwent the operation to get her sight back! Costing over $1,000, it took a lot of hard work to raise the funds but thanks to some generous, kind hearted people in this world, it happened. After years of never being able to see a thing, Hope can now see out of both eyes. And you can literally see the joy in her eyes!

Before, Hope would crawl around on the floor and she was unable to walk confidently. Now, she is running happy and jumping around in joy. This surgery has completely changed Hope’s world and Desislava is hoping to change this pup’s world even more for the better by getting her adopted into a forever home! After all that she’s endured, this sweetie deserves to experience true, unconditional love.

Help Others Like Hope

Hope’s story is remarkable, but sadly not all rescue stories have the same happy ending. With your help, Desislava Stoyanova can help more animals suffering from neglect in Bulgaria. If you’d like to continue helping her with her mission to rescue needy animals in Bulgaria, you can do any or all of the following things:

  1. Like her ‘’Save Me’’ Facebook page to stay updated with her work.
  2. Send a donation through her Facebook page to help with food, transport, litter and veterinary bills.
  3. Share this article on your social media pages to make others aware of her amazing work.

Image Source: Desislava Stoyanova