Recently, a man heard whining coming from an old, abandoned house. When he went to see what it was, he was shocked at what he found: a tiny kitten, covered with huge open wounds and skin hanging off its head and body. Without a second thought, he picked up the squealing kitten and rushed him to the local veterinary clinic in Plovdiv, a city in Bulgaria.

Because the kitten had severe burns all over his head, neck, and back, the veterinarian concluded that the kitten had been attacked with some kind of chemical. Someone had intentionally thrown acid at this tiny, defenseless kitten. From the way he squealed and writhed around, it was debatable whether or not he would make it.

Finding The Woman Who Rescues All the Animals


Meanwhile, a woman arrived at the same clinic with three animals in need of help. She did this kind of thing on a daily basis and had spent the last decade or more rescuing needy animals off the streets of Plovdiv and even set up a Facebook page called  “Save Me,’’ to share stories of animal rescues and ask for help.

‘’Are you Desislava Stoyanova?’’ a man, cradling a tiny kitten with horrific burns all over its body, asked her.

Apparently, someone had told the man about Desislava and her work helping needy animals. He’d really wanted to help the kitten but because he was renting, he couldn’t take her home.  He hoped she would be able to take him in and give him all the love and care he needed.

One look at the tiny kitten whose skin was literally melting and Desislava was smitten. So she took him home, with all the medication the vet provided and began her journey of healing with Yoda, a name that came to her as soon as she agreed to take him home.

Yoda’s Lifeline



With his skinny limbs and weeping wounds, Yoda was incredibly fragile. All he wanted to do was snuggle with his new found friend: one of the kitten’s Desislava had taken to the vets’ and also brought home.

While Desislava kept her spirits up, she wasn’t sure whether Yoda would make it. But like with all the others, she would do her best to give him a second chance at life.

Every day, she maintained the same routine for Yoda: feeding, cleaning up his wounds, dripping antibiotic drops into his eyes, and gently rubbing cream over his sores, to speed up the healing process. In spite of all the suffering he has faced, Yoda is one of the sweetest, most patient kittens you will meet. He even purrs when Desislava rubs cream over him.

Why Yoda Will Never Be Ordinary




It’s only been just over a week since Desislava was first acquainted with Yoda but even within those seven days, she can see an obvious improvement. He’s no longer squealing or writhing around in agony anymore. Because he’s getting the treatment, the love, and all the care he needs, Yoda is healing slowly but surely.

With such severe burns, it’s going to be a while before he starts looking like a normal cat. All the skin around his head and eyes, for instance, is still pink and furless. But in time, Desislava knows Yoda will get better. He may never look like your average cat but then again. Yoda is no ordinary cat, he’s one of a kind.

How You Can Help Yoda and Others


If it wasn’t for people like Desislava Stoyanova and the man who found him, kittens like Yoda would never get the happy ending they deserve. Thanks to your support, Desislava Stoyanova is able to help more animals like Yoda.

If you would like to save more lives, send a donation here. All donations go towards food, litter, and veterinary treatment. Meanwhile, don’t forget to like her ‘’Save Me’’ facebook page to follow her incredible work.