A new study found that some beef that is labeled as being rtaised without antibiotics still tests positive for antibiotics.

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The study through the Science Magazine found antibiotics in some beef cattle that are labeled, approved, and sold through the USDA as being antibiotic-free. This means that consumers who pay extra for meat raised without antibiotics may not be getting what they paid for.

The study tested 699 cows at one slaughterhouse that claims to raise cattle without antibiotics. Although many of the cattle came back negative, 10 percent tested positive for antibiotics. The study also found that five percent of cattle came from lots with multiple positive antibiotic tests.

According to the study, 26 percent of cattle labeled through the “Global Animal Partnership” program came from a lot where there was at least one positive test for antibiotics. Global Animal Partnership is an animal welfare rating program used most notably by Whole Foods.

Let’s talk about how misleading the meat and dairy industry is. Do you know what “free-range,” “grass-fed,” and “cage-free” mean? If you’re picturing vast green pastures and animals frolicking happily in large areas, you’re wrong. These labels are incredibly misleading and do not represent how these animals are raised.

“Free-range” chickens, for example, usually are confined in warehouses where they might technically have a door that leads to a small designated outdoor area. However, due to the massive number of birds crammed, they likely never see daylight in their short lifetimes.

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The meat industry often promises things that are not true and far too often gets away with it.

The study raises questions about the USDA’s oversight of programs that are designed to protect public health and animal welfare. Just recently, the USDA was sued over implementing a secret policy that allows them to avoid conducting inspections required by the Animal Welfare Act.

The very organization that is supposed to be protecting us, animals, and the food supply, is failing.

In 2017, the USDA banned the use of antibiotics used to make animals grow quicker, but this still happens today. Everything in the industry is about how to make more money, and when they make more and more money, concern for animal welfare and public health flies out the window.

When ranchers raise cattle without antibiotics, they receive $38 more per cattle, the premium the feedlot gets is $140 per animal, and the meat company gets $413 more per head of cattle, reported The Washington Post.

We know that Americans are willing to pay more if they know the food has more nutrients and better ingredients, but if it’s so easy for companies to lie, who can we trust? Companies need to be inspected more for the safety of everyone involved, and we deserve to be able to trust the labels that these organizations put on our food to make us feel better. Sign this petition to end the overuse of antibiotics!

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