A recent barn fire in Lackawanna County killed approximately 100 dairy cows. The fire department ruled that the fire was accidental and believe that it started in the pump room.

The fire engulfed the dairy cow barn and took nearly three hours for the fire to be extinguished. Two people were taken to the hospital, while approximately 100 dairy cows were killed in the fire.


This terrible event is just one very clear example of why dairy farming can be such a dangerous business. Barn fires are not uncommon, and dairy cows are often secured into stalls with no way of escaping danger. It is also practically impossible to safely remove such a large number of livestock in case of an emergency.

Most barn fires result in hundreds of animal lives lost, whether it be accidental, intentional, or a wildfire. In this case, hundreds of cows were in a single barn with no way of getting out.

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