The fires in Australia have caused tremendous amounts of damage to the country, humans, and wildlife. It’s a devastating time and there are firefighters working hard day and night risking their lives. Disaster relief teams are also on search and rescue missions saving wildlife. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Kylie Jenner are also pitching in with donations. Fortunately, the Australian government announced this week that they’ll be allocating $50 million to help wildlife affected by the fires.

The government has also been feeding wildlife by dropping more than 4,000 pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes from helicopters and airplanes. Among the animals benefitting from the food drop are the wallabies. The brush-tailed rock-wallaby was endangered even before the fires began and the crisis from the fires could certainly make things worse for the animal, pushing them closer to extinction. Over one billion animals have already died.


In the past week, colonies in the state’s Capertee and Wolgan valleys received 2,000 pounds. Yengo National Park also received 2,000 ponds and about 200 pounds of food and water were dropped in Kangaroo Valley. New South Wales Environment Minister Matt Kean says that wallabies usually survive bushfires, but when fires destroy vegetation, the animals that survive are left with limited food and water.

Hopefully, the money set aside for wildlife will result in more efforts like the food drops. Australia already has a high rate of species extinction and with so many animals affected by the fires, it’s unclear how much of Australia’s wildlife will survive.

How you can help Australian wildlife:

To help people as well as firefighters too, you can donate to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery.

We also ask that you sign this petition asking Australia to act on their extinction crisis. The petition asks them to declare a national emergency and create a separate department whose sole function is to protect endangered species.


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