Fostering is a beautiful, selfless thing to do for animals. It allows shelters to remain euthanasia-free because they are able to make the space to continue rescuing animals if some are in foster homes until their forever homes are found. It’s not easy and takes a really compassionate person. Seneca Krueger has fostered between 30 and 40 dogs before. But her latest foster was simply meant to be with her forever. The story of their reunion will leave no doubt about it.

Krueger fostered Zelda for seven months. She was specifically picked by Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue to foster Zelda. They definitely made the right choice.

Zelda was a very shy, scared dog. She was scared of her own shadow and Krueger didn’t see her wag her tail until two months passed and only heard her bark four months after living with her. But she made enough progress to be adopted! In January, a family in Chanhassen (30 miles away from where Krueger lives in St. Paul) adopted Zelda.

Krueger was devastated and cried for days after saying goodbye to Zelda, but she was happy she found what everyone thought would be her new home. However, after just ten days in her new home, Zelda was gone.

A search mission began. Krueger searched endlessly, put up tons of posters, and recruited help from START for Dogs. Zelda was spotted by many people, many times and was tracked. She was definitely making her way back to St. Paul. She eventually arrived just two blocks away from Krueger’s home when a kind woman named Susan Willis started leaving food out for her. Thanks for Willis’ food, they were able to catch Zelda.

When Krueger saw her, she was overcome with emotion. They will now be together forever. Everyone agrees their bond is unbreakable and they are simply meant to be!

Their emotional reunion would not have been possible if it weren’t for the people who took photos when they spotted her, the volunteers at START for Dogs, the Willis’ family, and the adoptive family who did the right thing by first adopting Zelda and then allowing her to be with Krueger. What an incredible story of love that spans miles and species.

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