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Losing a pet is devastating. It’s one of the biggest fears of anyone who has a beloved furry or four-legged family member. But with being able to quickly share information online, reunions are much easier to have these days.  Lauren Johnson lives in Atlanta but was visiting her older sister for the holidays. She had her loyal companion Meadow, a Labrador mix rescue with her. On December 26th, Johnson was stepping out with her sister to run errands. She never expected Meadow to run out and chase her car but she did, for half a mile before becoming lost and frantically running around. Anyone who has a furry family member can imagine how scary it must have been for Johnson to get back and realize Meadow was missing.

Johnson and Meadow are so attached that the family lovingly calls her Velcro because she follows Johnson everywhere. After searching for her around town, she decided to post on Facebook about Meadow with her description and photos. To her surprise, there were 2,000 shares and volunteers gathered to find Meadow. The volunteers searched in the nearby towns, putting posters up, and leaving around clothes and cones with Johnson’s scent.

There were many sightings so Johnson never lost hope, and sure enough after 12 days of Meadow being lost, they were reunited!

A woman spotted Meadow near her home and alerted Johnson. The reunion would not have been possible if she weren’t so dedicated to finding her beloved dog. During the 12 days Meadow was missing, Johnson walked 95 miles and lost 6 pounds searching for her. Meadow herself arrived with a few scratches and a few pounds down, but mostly healthy!

What a wonderful story of perseverance and the strong bond and love between a woman and her rescue dog!

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