Baking cookies is an incredibly satisfying activity, and the fun starts at the store. You get to excitedly choose which flavor cookie you’re going to make, maybe buy some frosting and sprinkles, get your hands a little dirty in the kitchen, and then wait for the delicious results as your house slowly becomes filled with the amazing smell of fresh baked cookies. As enjoyable as baking cookies can be, there’s nothing worse than arriving home after a trip to the grocery store only to see that the baking mix you specifically bought because you thought it was egg-free and dairy-free, is in fact, not. Very frustrating!

Well, with One Green Planet by your side, you’ll never have to go through this situation ever again! Not only do we provide plenty of vegan cookie recipes, but we’ve scoured the internet for pre-made cookie mixes that are also vegan-friendly. From chocolate chip and oatmeal to sugar, double chocolate, and shortbread, we’ve got baking mixes that leave out the milk, butter, and eggs but keep all of the amazing flavor you love about cookies. Check them out for yourself!