They say that dogs are descendants of wolves – but you would never know that there was any relationship between pups and wolves based on how people treat the two so differently. As a dog, I enjoy all the luxuries of a warm home, tons of treats, snuggles from nearly everyone I meet, and many more awesome things. But, it seems like my wolf cousins aren’t even shown ONE of these kind gestures. Rather, they’re being systematically hunted into extinction. That’s right … EXTINCTION.

I just heard the news that there are over 11,571 people in Norway who are registering to hunt 16 wolves. Meaning there could potentially be over 732 people looking to kill one single wolf. In total, there are only about 30 wild wolves left in the country and although they have a designated habitat, it’s not unusual for them to wander out of the protection zone (after all, they’re not exactly told where they can and can’t go). Talk about the odds being forever out of your favor…


Now, you might be wondering why Norway  would even think of allowing this to happen … and sadly, according to a report in The Guardian, “decisions to hand out hunting licenses are made to protect livestock.” That’s right, those 16 wolves are really posing a “dangerous” threat to the thousands of livestock that occupy land in the country. I imagine that to do any real damage, those must be Terminator wolves – but hey, what do I know, I’m just a dog…




Wolves are apex predators that play a HUGE role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. When they hunted wolves into oblivion in Yellowstone National Park, small animal populations grew out of control and overgrazed local shrubbery which eventually lead to soil erosion and other serious problems. It’s called a domino effect for a reason, it all ends with everything collapsing! While livestock might be more “valuable” in the short-term, in the long run, wolves hold the ecosystem together.

So Norway, you can devalue the remaining wolf population, but just think of the actual cost that can result from doing that. If you ask me … not too smart.

Green Monsters, if you think this is as ridiculous as I do, share this post! Wolves all over the world desperately need our help. The more people who know about how much we NEED wolves, the more likely that this nonsense will end!

Lead image source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services/Flickr