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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is a volunteer-run animal rescue organization dedicated to saving innocent lives from high-kill shelters. When they heard news of a young dog at a high-kill shelter who was so badly neglected he hardly even looked like a dog, the rescue team felt compelled and obligated to step in and save his innocent life.

The gentle dog they named Dusty had been so poorly neglected, his skin was raw and his spirit was broken. He was deemed to be in critical condition and was rushed to the emergency room for treatment.

Dusty will need a blood transfusion and an IV, and he will need to be monitored and kept in the hospital until he is healthy enough to be released. 



If your heart breaks for Dusty and you would like to help him on his road to recovery, please visit the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page to follow updates on his journey and find out how to make a donation toward his rehabilitation. As a non-profit organization that is entirely run by volunteers, every donation is appreciated and makes a meaningful impact.

Unfortunately, Dusty’s story is not an isolated case. Companion animals are surrendered to shelters at alarming rates, often for just the mere convenience of people. Sadly, most are not as lucky as Dusty, and 5,500 animals are killed in shelters across America every single day. That is over two million innocent lives killed each year! So, please share this with your friends and family to spread awareness about why adopting animals from shelters is so valuable.

All Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook

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13 comments on “This Pup Was So Badly Neglected He Hardly Resembled a Dog, but Then Rescuers Stepped In”

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Wanda Seago
14 Days ago

7-6-18 There is no reason to kill dogs in shelters-they can be saved, and used for service dogs, police dogs, and other good ways-folks should take care of all critters, and dogs can be helped.

Muriel Servaege
1 Months Ago

Considering the number of pets killed every single year, Dusty escaped from the worst. Yet, there is still to be done. I sincerely hope Duster recovers, poor thing!

11 Months Ago

"Ron", YOU should learn how to type before you call anyone an "idiot"!! It just shows your own level of intelligence....These comments are for this and many other animals that have been horribly neglected and abused. Why are you on this site? Do you enjoy looking at these poor animals? Why else would you leave "A Comment" just to insult a viewer who is obviously an animal lover regardless of whether or not they understand/comprehend the complete wording of the post or story? I personally have three rescues now and have had many in my life. I, personally donate monthly to help ALL animals in Dusty\'s shape, some better and some far worse. I come to this site to reinforce my contempt for those who do such things to Dusty and MANY other animals small and large and, to see if I can help in any way in the rehabilitation of these animals. Yes, I too pray for Dusty and all of animals in these stories. Why don\'t you TRY to be any form of HELP and ENCOURAGEMENT or get off of this site??

11 Months Ago


Dee Sund
11 Months Ago

While in the US , whenever I lost a dog, I would go to a shelter to adopt another. I now live in Panama and got a dog from a man who rescues them. I also have six cats that were abandoned by an owner who moved away. It takes a lot to feed six cats , but I have tried to find homes for them , but to no avail. I guess they are mine. I have a friend who has 18 dogs. She rescues then and runs a spay and neuter clinic. She gets a sick dog, expecting to find a home for it after it becomes well, but falls in love with it and it becomes her dog. Fortunately she is able to hire a full time employee to help her give good care to so many. I used to feel so sad when adopting a dog. I wanted to bring them all home. Mt present dog is so sweet and loves everyone. She was brought to me as a \'watchdog\' but would only lick someone to death.

10 Aug 2017

All I can say is thank you for having a good heart. You are truly a blessing to animals.

Virginia Stewart Carton
10 Aug 2017

Thank you Dee for being such a compassionate person!!

11 Months Ago

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is a great organization and I would like to give them money sometime-I just can not right now. guest100, and Gary, you have no idea what the story is there. He came from a high kill shelter and was like that when he came in it would seem. I am the first to condemn bad \'shelters\' who do not seem to understand what that term means but unless they caused that suffering ...... There are many bad "shelters\' and they should be shut down for sure. the most important point here is that Dusty is safe and cared for. Why don\'t you both send NYC some money and get over yourselves?

10 Aug 2017

Everyone has an opinion and thats ok but lets all give a few bucks to help Dusty. I know nothing about Rescue Dogs Rock NYC except that its a non profit so I am hoping the CEO"s are taking in $250,000 each and giving little to the dogs. I will have to do my research but i feel this one is another savior so i will donate for Rusty.

11 Months Ago

What the heck is wrong with that so-called "shelter?" Natasha Brooks, you need to do your basic research and job as a journalist and NAME THAT SHELTER. They are LEGALLY LIABLE for the animals they take in!!

10 Aug 2017

guest100, the dog was brought into the shelter that way. Being a high-kill shelter, most of them will euthanize an animal that far gone, rather than making the effort to save it. Rescue Dogs NYC is a wonderful organization and will do right by this dog. That is why people should only support NO-KILL shelters. They take in the unwanted ones and have them fully vetted. No one gets a salary; it is totally run by volunteers. Hope this sweetheart makes it.

11 Months Ago

Poor little guy! Praying for his swift recovery and a furever home for him. I\'m sure he has a lot of love to give!

11 Months Ago

Thank the good Lord for the people that stepped in and saved this dogs life!!!

11 Months Ago

I honestly believe that the "so-called" shelter that this poor dog was found in absolutely needs to be closed down completely!!!

09 Aug 2017

You\'re an idiot, Gary!!

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