Coyotes don’t exactly have the best rep. Known as predators, they are often considered pests in farmer communities since they sometimes prey on sheep, goats, and cattle. Despite the fact that in 2010 research concluded that predators like coyotes only account for less than half of goat and sheep deaths and a measly 5.5 percent of total cattle death, local citizens still call for their execution. In 2014 alone, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services euthanized over 61,000 coyotes and destroyed 425 dens. Regular people also take it upon themselves to kill coyotes when they stumble into urban and suburban areas.

This was likely what happened to Angel, a coyote who was found in a reservoir, shot in the head above her eyes. When the Animal Rescue Team, a non-profit for injured, orphaned, and abused animals, found her in February, they were shocked to find that Angel, although now blind, had miraculously survived the gunshot. When the executive director, Julia Di Sieno, lifted the emaciated creature from the crevice, the coyote was so terrified that she went into cardiac arrest, and Di Sieno’s team was not sure the animal would survive the ordeal.


Coyote in hospital

Thankfully, after a shot of epinephrine to get the coyote’s heart beating again as well as a ton of TLC upon arrival to the hospital, Angel was not only making excellent strides in her recovery, but she gave birth to four pups!

Although Angel will spend the rest of her life in a wildlife sanctuary, the pups will be released back into the wild once they’re old enough.

Coyote with pups


While Di Sieno and her team are obviously happy that this coyote will finally be able to lead a life of happiness and leisure at a sanctuary, they want her story to be known, and for Angel to be the loving mother she will only get to be for a short while for her pups.

With this in mind, the Animal Rescue Team is aiming to make Angel a “coyote ambassador” to help raise awareness about these misunderstood creatures. Additionally, she will become a surrogate mother for all of the young coyotes that arrive to the rescue headquarters.

It may be a long time before coyotes are appreciated for their important role in the ecosystem, and not hunted down out of fear or anger. We hope that Angel will be a step forward in helping people learn how to co-exist with coyotes and wild animals in general! To learn more about Angel visit Animal Rescue Team’s Facebook page.


All Image Source: Animal Rescue Team/Facebook