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No doubt about it, life can be tough for our four-legged friends who depend on us for food, shelter, and love. Even with all the horrible news we read about animals, there is still good in the world. This now viral photo shared by an Imgur user is doing just that: giving us hope.

After a recent snow storm hit Turkey, the Atrium Mall, located in the Bakirkoy neighborhood of Istanbul, opened their doors to homeless dogs so that they wouldn’t have to spend the night in freezing temperatures. 


All bundled up and warm for the night! Animal lovers stepped in to provide blankets for the dogs.


The kind people also fed all of the dogs, so they didn’t go to bed with an empty stomach.


One of the volunteers who gathered blankets and food for the dogs explained to CNN Turks, “All of us, if we can help as much as we can, all the stray animals will be in good shape and the street animals need help all over the world.” 


We believe every dog deserves to be tucked in at night! 



We are thankful the Atrium Mall in Turkey opened up their doors to allow the homeless dogs a warm place to sleep for the night. Even though Istanbul may seem far a way from the United States, many people don’t realize the extent of the pet homelessness issue right here. While we love and adore the dogs we share our homes with, the fact that there are some 70 million stray cats and dogs living on the streets gets easily ignored.

Taking the extra steps during the winter months will make sure our furry friends stay safe and warm. Most importantly, please never leave your dog or cat outdoors when the temperatures drop. No matter what the temperature is, wind chill can threaten a pet’s life. Pets are sensitive to severe cold and are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia when they are outdoors during extreme cold snaps. Exposed skin on noses, ears and paw pads can quickly freeze and suffer permanent damage. It’s also important to make sure your companion always has access to fresh, clean water. For more tips on how to protect your pet during the winter months, click here and please share with your friends and family.

If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your home, please always adopt and never shop. And if you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter, check out our guide to volunteering. What may seem like a small action can make a huge difference!

Image Source: Anadolija via /Imgur

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0 comments on “This Mall in Turkey Let Homeless Dogs Sleep Inside to Escape the Cold”

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7 Days ago

This is such a great program. Now if other countries would follow suite dogs would be be so much better off being safe and warm... and fed.

8 Days ago

Melis you\'re telling people to visit Turkey to see for themselves, but are you living there yourself and haven\'t you even been seeing what\'s going on in the news? Your president is one of the biggest anti-democratic jerks on this planet. And the govt jails all journalists who don\'t write pro-govt articles. Turkey is also oppressing the Kurds both in Turkey and in Syria, that\'s why they are in Syria, not only to fight terror. If not for Turkey, terror in Syria would not exist in the first place because the govt let all those jihadists in. Now, all that support for terror Turkey did is coming back home to roost. Terrorist attacks in Turkey is because of the policy of the past five years of the Turkish govt.

9 Days ago

This is beautiful. However, in a few of the pics, I am seeing tags on their ears...what are they for? Can someone explain? Thanks.

10 Jan 2017

All stray dogs and cats in Turkey receive free veterinary care from Vet clinics belonging to Local Municipal Governments. The tags indicate which municipal council the dog or cat is registered with and that it has received its vaccinations etc. If a dog or cat falls ill or is injured then the tag identifies which municipal council\'s clinic it needs to go to. So locals just call the relevant municipal council.

Rebecca Sand
9 Days ago

We should all do anything and everything we can to make sure animals are safe and secure. Our actions toward them speak volumes about us humans, our integrity, empathy, compassion or lack of it thereof. Animals are here to teach us, and some of us are really slow learners. Our ability to speak does, in no way, make us the superior species. We\'ve disgraced it on every level imaginable.

susan white
9 Days ago

Hope the rest of the world follows this good example

susan white
9 Days ago

What a kind thing to do for all the strays,well done Turkey proud of you keep it up

9 Days ago

Love this and wish everyone did more of this for dogs, other animals, and people.

Marie Willcox
10 Days ago

Thank you and god bless you all for your kindness, This is Turkey showing the rest of the world how to be kind to gods creatures,

Turkey Invented Genocide
10 Days ago

Awww how "humanitarian" of Turks... Isn\'t that cute? Jihadists with a "soft spot" for stray dogs, and a history of slaughtering humans in numerous genocides who were the real owners of "Turkey" and identified as Christians.

Robyn Moran
10 Jan 2017

get a grip, they aren\'t all Jihadists or even Christian, any more than all Americansare gun toting racists and as for genocide don\'t you know any history a at all?

10 Jan 2017

Please buy a ticket to Turkey and visit the country before making baseless comments. Every former Empire has blood on its hands including the British, French, Italians, Dutch etc. How did these countries become empires in the first place? By invading and conquering foreign lands. Do we go blaming citizens of these countries for the actions of their ancestors almost 100 years ago? No. Two Turkish soldiers were burned to death alive by ISIS just only a few weeks ago. The Turks are the only country to have boots on the ground in Syria fighting ISIS. So before making stupid baseless comments inform yourself of the facts.

10 Jan 2017

what an idiotic comment to make. And what is your ethnicity? Should you take the blame for your ancestor\'s deeds? Do you eat animals? if so, you are participating in the biggest mass murder the world has ever seen!

Jayne Riley
10 Days ago

This mall in Turkey is a moral and humanitarian example to all. I think it would be a good to open up these malls for humans who have to sleep on the street, too.


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