Just days before Christmas, an animal shelter in Donetsk, Ukraine was in fear of losing electricity during the harsh winter cold. The animal shelter houses more than 1,300 dogs and cats, many of which were left behind by refugees during violent attacks over the last two years. After losing their local business sponsor during the military conflict, the shelter team has been enduring an intense struggle to feed the animals. The compassionate staff tried to provide for the animals with the most meager of resources, but now, they are facing a complete blackout in the dead of winter.

“We are now facing a power shut-down since debt for electricity accumulated over the past year is $700 and almost $7,000 since the beginning of 2016,” shelter manager Vita Bryzgalova explained on Facebook.


But animal lovers from around the world are stepping up. Harmony Fund set up a donation page and the donations continue to pour in.

Within 48 hours, half the funds were raised ($3,500). That is enough to keep the power on for the next few months, while the animal shelters works towards raising the funds for the rest of the electricity debt. 

There are still efforts to provide food, veterinary care, and electricity for the shelter, but the immediate threat of a blackout is thankfully gone. 



If you would like to join the hundreds of animal lovers from around the world in making a donation, please click here. The 1,300 dogs and cats in the animal shelters care would surely thank you with a kiss if they could!

Image Source: Harmony Fund/Facebook