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Visiting the zoo can be a confusing experience for children. Animals they may have seen violently fighting others for food in a wildlife documentary, suddenly appear docile and submissive behind glass walls. Sometimes the animal sits there idly. Other times they display signs of zoochosis, like rocking back and forth or hitting themselves. And every once in a while, they really lash out, clearly frustrated in their cruel captivity.

This video is a clear example of the latter. In it, you see a young girl pressing her face against the window of a zoo’s lion exhibit. At first, the lion merely stares at her. For this lion, as with many other zoo animals, visitors are one of their only forms of stimulation. However, mild entertainment quickly transformed into a violent state of irritation when the young girl pressed her lips against the glass, “blowing a kiss” to the large animal.

Suddenly, the lion stands up on his hind legs and starts clawing exasperatingly at the glass. Just as we saw last year, when a Silverback gorilla charged at the glass in a Nebraska zoo after a young girl playfully banged on her chest, these animals are in undeniable states of distress. They may not act like it 24 hours out of the day, but moments like these remind us that not only are these animals are meant to be in the wild, but they are quite aware that they’re imprisoned. Most importantly, when taunted, these animals will react.

This little girl admittedly doesn’t know any better, having grown up in a society where trips to the zoo are arranged by excited schools and parents. Nonetheless, she is without a doubt a catalyst for this lion’s fit of despair. Her actions and the lion’s reaction reveals the distorted and unjust relationship between humans and animals in zoos.

We can all work to help these animals by refusing to promote the idea that zoos are an educational experience for children – or adults for that matter. For some better options to experience wild animals, click here.

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1,101 comments on “Lion’s Reaction to a Little Girl’s Kiss Shows Just How Much the King of the Jungle Doesn’t Belong in the Zoo (VIDEO)”

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4 Hours ago


the hikingnut
4 Hours ago

shouldn\'t the lions claws have been out if it was clawing wildly?

5 Hours ago

99% of people are not able to see these animals in their natural habitat. Why should we "save the whales" if we never get to see them anyway?

26 Jun 2017

are you a sprouted nut?

5 Hours ago

Zoos are an abomination. The animals are better off dead. Sanctuaries or death, only two options. Preferably the latter....

Bill Bond
6 Hours ago

Wild animal populations are dwindling at an alarming rate due to poaching and environmental infringements. China needs to be in the vanguard of ending the demand for ivory. There needs to be more protected sanctuaries. Poachers need to be caught and imprisoned. Some of these animals are on the verge of extinction.

6 Hours ago

"Her actions and the lion’s reaction reveals the distorted and unjust relationship between humans and animals in zoos.
We can all work to help these animals by refusing to promote the idea that zoos are an educational experience for children – or adults for that matter."
Good grief! Remember when this experience would have been a cool story to share with friends and family? Now both the lion and girl are "victims", and they don\'t even know it. Liberals are so full of crap.

6 Hours ago

"People\'s reaction to this article shows just how much liberals do not belong in real journalism."

6 Hours ago

These Zoos are there to protect and help these animals that are being hunted down in the wild. Even a refuge is not safe when hunters and poachers sneak onto the land and hunt these animals. They are endangered and even farmers have hunted them to protect their livelihood.

This article is a joke asking for the animals to go extinct.

26 Jun 2017

Because of the zoos system we have all the protection against poaching and trades of animals in most of the world I think pretty soon we will see liberals in zoos.

6 Hours ago

I think the lion was saving the little girl for the diseases that she could get from kiss a dirty glass from the Zoo.

6 Hours ago

I 100% disagree. Yes, it\'s cool to be free, except when you\'re sick or hunted and killed. I think it\'s great to be able to see these animals upclose and personal. The zoos have ample room for them to roam. And the sure fact is, they do not know the difference! They do not have a clue that they might be better off on the hot plains of Africa!


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