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Visiting the zoo can be a confusing experience for children. Animals they may have seen violently fighting others for food in a wildlife documentary, suddenly appear docile and submissive behind glass walls. Sometimes the animal sits there idly. Other times they display signs of zoochosis, like rocking back and forth or hitting themselves. And every once in a while, they really lash out, clearly frustrated in their cruel captivity.

This video is a clear example of the latter. In it, you see a young girl pressing her face against the window of a zoo’s lion exhibit. At first, the lion merely stares at her. For this lion, as with many other zoo animals, visitors are one of their only forms of stimulation. However, mild entertainment quickly transformed into a violent state of irritation when the young girl pressed her lips against the glass, “blowing a kiss” to the large animal.

Suddenly, the lion stands up on his hind legs and starts clawing exasperatingly at the glass. Just as we saw last year, when a Silverback gorilla charged at the glass in a Nebraska zoo after a young girl playfully banged on her chest, these animals are in undeniable states of distress. They may not act like it 24 hours out of the day, but moments like these remind us that not only are these animals are meant to be in the wild, but they are quite aware that they’re imprisoned. Most importantly, when taunted, these animals will react.

This little girl admittedly doesn’t know any better, having grown up in a society where trips to the zoo are arranged by excited schools and parents. Nonetheless, she is without a doubt a catalyst for this lion’s fit of despair. Her actions and the lion’s reaction reveals the distorted and unjust relationship between humans and animals in zoos.

We can all work to help these animals by refusing to promote the idea that zoos are an educational experience for children – or adults for that matter. For some better options to experience wild animals, click here.

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1,101 comments on “Lion’s Reaction to a Little Girl’s Kiss Shows Just How Much the King of the Jungle Doesn’t Belong in the Zoo (VIDEO)”

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C. Huege
3 Months Ago

The writer is part of the problem, creating oblivious people that have no clue to the realities of wildlife. Because a lion would react in a predatory manner, it must be in high distress. This is highly irresponsible reporting. This is why people get killed thinking they can interact with wildlife.

3 Months Ago

Lions are not the "king of the jungle," they are the "king of beasts." They don\'t live in the jungle but on savannahs.

David G Woodrome
3 Months Ago

This story is absolutely ridiculous. The reaction of a wild animal to a little girls kiss is no evidence to support the shut downs of zoos. You can argue that point another way but using this is embarrassing. Is a wild lion supposed to curl up and kiss back like in a disney movie? I can not even stomach to look who wrote this and would never want to even acknowledge it other then you should be embarrassed.

Carol Ames
3 Months Ago

Yeah, I bet Trump\'s boys with guns learned about wild animals from zoos, went to Africa to shoot and kill big game for trophies.

27 Jun 2017

WOW! Just goes that one can\'t read a story without idiots making it political!! Trump won, Hillary / Bernie lost. Live with it.

3 Months Ago

wow you morons are pathetic. Though I would rather see scum like you in cages than lions in the zoo.

3 Months Ago

One of my problems is that kids shows especially cartoon shows picture snakes and predators as safe and friendly. I had this issue with nickelodeon\'s Dora the explorer and Go Diego Go when my little granddaughter would watch the shows. We live in Texas and we have alligators and poisons snakes, so I sent an e-mail to Nick explaining the problems with portraying these things as friendly. Just like the little girl in the video she has no clue that these are predator animals and will eat you if possible. 99.9% of the time a wild animal is not you friend.

3 Months Ago

I see nothing "distressing" here. I see the Lion pawing at the window with no violent action at all. Pretty boring display actually. If you want to argue if zoo\'s should exist then offer something at least somewhat compelling. This isn\'t.

Robert Curtis
3 Months Ago

I agree that animals don\'t belong in a zoo despite the fact that at the zoo I learned to appreciate them more than anywhere else. We should allow them to roam free in the streets as in India or maybe choose their own houses to live in and their own families to eat. The best place, however, is to leave them in the wild where we never see them up close and never develop empathy for them -- a photo won\'t do it because there are plenty of photos of Trump and who developed empathy for him? In the wild, the food chain operates naturally: the lion eats the wildebeest, the dentist shoots the lion. Who makes this stuff up?

Doubting Thomas 123
3 Months Ago

Another example of how the Green / Animal rights crowd wants to cut it nose off to spite it\'s face. Do you people know how many children became, veterinarians, animal lovers, supporters of animal organizations, philanthropist support, wildlife documentators, and even more greenies / PETAs. Seeing it in person for someone who cannot afford to go where they live has great impact.

3 Months Ago

Looks like to me that the lion was looking for a snack. Lions are at least protected in the zoo from our great white hunters who want to bag a trophy for their den\'s wall. With the conditions in Africa worsening and habitat decreasing all these wild animals are being squeezed to near extinction and if you don\'t have a zoo to house them they will be gone forever . I do concur that better conditions should be implemented to complement these magnificent creatures of our Creator.


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