Juicing and Vegan Trends Drive Organic Avenue's National Expansion

Organic Avenue, the amazing NYC-based boutique, high-end juice, smoothie and organic foods retailer is planning to expand nationally. According to an interview in the New York Times, Organic Avenue has hired Martin Bates as Chief Executive to extend the brands appeal across the country.

Why is this huge? Because Organic Avenue products are not only all organic of course, but also all-vegan. Bates, who will take charge of Organic Avenue in June is aiming to capitalize on two big trends…juicing and the market for ready-to-go vegan and vegetarian foods.


The New York Times piece cites how juicing is a hot trend at the moment, but more importantly, it highlights the fact that the demand for plant-based foods is skyrocketing. As we pointed out last year, 33% Americans are eating vegan/vegetarian meals more often, though they are not vegan or vegetarian. That is over 100 million people, or one third of the country consciously choosing more plant-based foods!

These stats are very important, because, as Mr. Gates mentions in the New York Times piece “I drink green juices and have done for the last year or so, but living the life of a vegan is not for me. I think there are lots of other people like me out there.”  We agree; there are plenty of people out there who are eating vegan and trying to be healthier, without necessarily attaching a label to it or with any plans to commit to plant-based foods exclusively. However, this means, every day there are more any more people looking for better plant-based food options and information on how to make more conscious choices, not only for their health, but also for the planet and the other animals that inhabit it. That’s awesome!

We are big fans of Organic Avenue, their mission, as well as the amazing juices and products they carry, and can’t wait to see them take on the country!

Image Source: Sahua/Flickr