In addition to being some of the most majestic creatures on Earth, elephants are very much like humans when it comes to their families. Living in herds of several family units, baby elephants usually stay by their mother’s side for up to 15 years and are reared and protected by the entire heard. It takes a village, right? Elephants are so closely linked to one another that Defenders of Wildlife cites that, “Recent discoveries have shown that elephants can communicate over long distances by producing a sub-sonic rumble that can travel over the ground faster than sound through air.” This is so that they can be in touch with one another, even when they are traveling up to 50 miles a day.  Considering their complex communication and tight-knit family structures, it’s completely heartbreaking whenever an elephant is held in isolated captivity in a zoo. That’s why it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see a photo like this of an elephant family together, the way they should be!

This is what family is all about.





Sadly, baby elephants like the one above are all too often stolen from their families and put in zoos, or even bred in captivity, never knowing freedom. There is something you can do though to help keep these beautiful families together. By boycotting zoos, and all wild animal attractions, you can help to ensure that your money is not fueling this cruel industry. Share this post and tell others what you have learned to help put an end to elephant exploitation!

Image source: Elephants DC/Facebook