A young boy in Ireland wrote a letter to Santa asking for just one thing – to see a dolphin. In the letter, published in the Irish Daily Mirror, he said, “I’ve lived a life of abuse. I was abused by my father who was an abuser and an alcoholic…All I want for Christmas is my dream, which is to see Winter the Dolphin in Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater Florida.”

Who wouldn’t be moved by his request? The letter was found by his mother, and the conservation group Sea Shepherd heard of the boy’s wish and decided to respond with a wonderful offer. Sea Shepherd will be taking the boy to see dolphins on the coast of West Cork, with the chance to see other wild marine life as well.


Sea Shepherd’s Irish Director Sue Anthony said, “He’s a young man who has been through a lot of trauma in his life…It would be great to bring the young lad and his mum to West Cork to see dolphins in their natural habitat…I think the reason that we want to offer this opportunity is to show this young boy that inspiration can come from the wild dolphins around our coast.”

The trip is sure to be a beautiful experience for the boy and his mother, and it’s wonderful for them to be able to experience dolphins in their own environment. Just see the response from the boy and his mother as told to the Irish Mirror. He said, “It means everything to me. When I’m older I really want to help animals and be a vet. It’s been my lifelong dream and I’m finally getting the chance.”

His mother said, “When I read it, initially I broke down crying. It broke my heart.”

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons