When we first learned about UK supermarket, Waitrose, they were just launching their new meat-free menu. Then, we heard about them working hard to completely ditch hard-to-recycle black plastic bags. Not only have they successfully achieved these goals, they even went the extra mile to remove plastic from all their self-branded products. Needless to say, Waitrose, the major British supermarket chain, is a company we support.

Waitrose is preparing to increase its vegan and vegetarian options by sixty perfect as they launch 50 brand new products. The range will be launched on June 4th, and vegan products will be even more accessible and available. Two new products include The Happy Pear and The Vegetarian Butcher.


waitrose vegan food


The sales of vegetarian food are up 34% from last year according to Kantar UK Insights. For the first time, the supermarket will also have a dedicated vegan section. The vegan range will feature 125 ingredients and ready meals that are for easy cooking and preparation. The goal? To make grocery shopping as easy as possible for vegans.

Chloe Graves, the Waitrose veggie food buyer, said, “Increasing our range builds on the work we did last year to increase choice for our customers in this area. We are working with some fantastic exclusive brands to ensure our shoppers have a really unique selection of food to choose from. With flexitarianism also on the rise, we have made sure we have dishes and ingredients for those looking to opt for a meat-free meal, that was suitable for the whole family to enjoy.”

We can’t wait to see what options they roll out.


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