When it comes to snacking, at least in America, cheese is a major component. Think about it. A mountain of tortilla chips simply isn’t a snack without a drizzle of zesty nacho cheese. Buffalo wings seem incomplete without some creamy Blue cheese dip on the side. And, of course, cheesy snacks like chips, puffs, nuts, and crackers, are always a welcome addition to any spread. If you’re looking to avoid dairy, it might seem like all of these snack options are off the table, but we’re happy to report that nowadays there are plenty of alternatives that fit the cheesy bill!

That’s right, Green Monsters. Using nuts and seeds like cashews, seasonings like nutritional yeast, or vegetables like red bell peppers and carrots, companies today are able to supply all of the cheesy flavor consumers love without the use of any actual dairy! Talk about a life hack. Here are 15 cheesy snacks and dips that will wow your guests!