The Your Plant-Based Guide Conference is a two-day veggie extravaganza, which informs, educates and inspires people through nutrition guides, presentations, recipes, shopping lists, and optimal health discussions. Not only is this conference a life changer, they have fun as well with dance parties, mixers, and refreshing morning yoga.

Presenters and fitness panel participants will include bodybuilding champion Robert Cheeke, professional vegan trainer, and athlete, Vanessa Espinoza, vegan bodybuilding champion (and four-time winner!) Will Tucker, as well as Ella Magers, vegan fitness professional.


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These fitness gurus and vegan bodybuilders will share their muscle-building, weight-loss and protein consumption secrets in a paid portion of the conference. But pay people will in order to hear such valuable information from some of the top experts around! They’ll also sell and autograph their books, take photos with attendees and enjoy free presentations and delicious products.

Gone are the days of the vegan cliche of weakness and exhaustion due to “not getting enough protein.” Conferences like these are meant to educate the public that you truly can build muscle, have an abundance of energy and live a fantastic life without consuming animal products. Founder of 360 Health Connection, Gina Bonanno-Lemos hopes to attract more men to a vegan diet, in an effort to lower cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more.

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There are so many myths about nutrition, diet plans and adequate meals that are just that, myths. We’re here to help your bust them all.


Top 3 Myths and Facts of Plant-Based Nutrition in BodybuildingTop 3 Myths and Facts of Plant-Based Nutrition in Bodybuilding

While consuming a high animal protein diet may promote muscle growth by changing hormones and making testosterone more active, you may also be accelerating cancer growth and aging. Most meat is high in fat and full of environmental contaminants, so bulking up may come at a cost. This is why some athletes who consume a vast amount of animal protein may have digestive issues and get sick easily. So what’s the alternative? A plant-based bodybuilding diet.

5 Clean Superfoods for the Vegan Bodybuilder5 Clean Superfoods for the Vegan Bodybuilder

While some people may picture vegans to be skinny and weak, plant-based eaters know better. Eating a vegan diet can fuel you to have serious strength and power. There are a few superfoods that can build muscle, gain energy and fuel up, easily and effortlessly! Plus, they’re all delicious.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Embracing a Plant-Based Diet


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