Happy New Year! Whether you’re dancing the night away or partaking in all the fun festivities, bringing in the new year is even better with great food. We’ve complied the Ultimate List of Lists for you to guide you on your way to an epic Chinese New Year bash. Whether you’re throwing a party, having a family get together, or a quiet celebration, we have something for everyone! Here are our bests recipes brought to you by the Food Monster App.

1. The Most Epic Collection of Vegan Chinese Recipes to Help You Celebrate the New Year
Vegan You Po Mian: 10-Minute Chinese Hot Oil Noodles

Chinese New Year is a huge celebration wherever it is observed with dragon dances, music, fireworks, and lots of fun performances. Houses and streets are decorated with gold for power and red for prosperity and luck. Children and retired seniors receive gifts of red envelopes filled with money. Then there’s the food. Not only is Chinese New Year filled with food that’s fun and delicious, but many of the foods have symbolic meanings. Here is The Most Epic Collection of Vegan Chinese Recipes To Help You Celebrate the New Year.


2. Ring in Chinese New Year With These 20 Vegan Recipes
Vegan Buddha's Delight

Many of the foods hold symbolic meaning and while fish and meat are traditionally a big part of that, everything can be made vegan. Ring in the New Year With These 20 Vegan Recipes!

3. How to Celebrate Chinese New Year Vegan-Style

On New Year’s Eve, families have “reunion dinners” which are believed to be the most important meals of the year as generations of relatives come together to celebrate. New Year’s festivals include fireworks, music, dragon dances and other festive performances.  Houses and streets are decorated with gold for power and red for prosperity and luck. Gifts of red envelopes filled with money are given to children and retired seniors. Of course, food is a big part of the Chinese New Year festival and foods with symbolic meanings are always on the menu. Here’s how to celebrate Chinese New Year: Vegan Style.

4. 5 Lucky Plant-based Foods to Bring in Chinese New Year
Vegan Dumplings

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year, and many have already prepped their homes for the 15-day celebration. Many Chinese homes have been swept from top to bottom, and red has become the decoration color of choice. From red lanterns to red banners, the color is considered lucky for the new year (and any formal occasion, really; even weddings!) Food is no exception when it comes to bringing in luck, good health, and prosperity. Here are some Lucky Plant-based Foods!

5. 25 Vegan Recipes for Chinese New Year
Vegan Sesame Tofu

According to ancient legend, a fearsome beast called Nian (which also means “year” in Mandarin) terrorized the lands and villages of the Chinese people at the end of each year. He was said to eat a whole group of children in a single bite with his ferocious sharp teeth. In order to ward away this evil, the Chinese wore bright red and set off firecrackers to scare Nian away. This is how the Chinese came to celebrate the beginning of each lunar new year. Celebrate with some great vegan recipes, too!


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