Do you want to become better at shopping seasonally? Every time summer rolls around, do you wish you could hit the grocery store or farmer’s market, equipped with all of the confidence and knowledge you need to shop like a pro? Here at One Green Planet, we’re all about helping you achieve your culinary dreams, which is why our Food Monster app is a must-have seasonal produce guide!

If you’re a seasoned produce shopper, awesome! The Food Monster app has a ton of innovative recipes to put your summer veggies to good use! And if you’re not such a produce guru yet, don’t worry, friend, the Food Monster app is here to guide you down a delicious path. No longer will you have to avoid buying certain veggies, even when they’re in season because you have no idea what dishes to make with them.


The Food Monster app not only provides thousands of creative recipe ideas, but we’ve categorized them by ingredient, meaning you don’t have to be intimidated by the produce section anymore! Now, when you stumble upon an unfamiliar vegetable, you’re a simple search away from an amazing meal.

Need to see it to believe it? Here’s a look at three summer vegetables currently in Food Monster:


Eggplant Collage


For novice home cooks, eggplant may seem a bit daunting. And we get it. Eggplant seems like a really great idea when you’re out shopping, but once you’re home it’s like, “what do I do with this giant, purple thing?” Well, we’ll tell ya what to do! Ya take your phone out and open up the Food Monster app! Duh!


With 86 different eggplant recipes, you can learn step by step how to grill, roast, fry, and bake this purple jewel. Whether you turn your eggplant into a vessel for vegetables, stack it on a burger, slice it into some fajitas, or slather it with BBQ sauce, you’ll definitely never look at this vegetable the same again!


Zucchini Collage



Zucchini is a peculiar and frankly misunderstood, vegetable. They’re pretty much flavorless when eaten raw, but when given a little TLC, they can be turned into some real masterpieces! Take Raw Zucchini Rollatini, for example. What started off as a stiff zucchini, was softened with a bit of salt, stuffed with cashew cheese, gently rolled, and then topped with tangy tomato sauce and herbs. Talk about a transformation!

What’s great about zucchini is its versatility. They can be made into chips, serve as a pizza base, be spiralized into noodles, add a touch of nutrition to fried foods, and even lend creaminess to dessert! So, next time you look at a zucchini, don’t be so quick to assume that since it looks like a cucumber it probably acts like one too. Zucchinis are unique!



Tomato Collage


While at first it may seem like there’s not much more you could learn about a tomato, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of innovative recipes in Food Monster (available right here) that use this beloved red veggie. Plus, when the warm weather rolls around, there are new tomatoes that start popping up, like the heirloom tomato. You can use these instead of the traditional tomato for a fun summertime variation.

And since you’re likely to have some more free time (we hope), you’ll be able to try out elaborate entrées you never had time for during the work week! Whether it’s a decked out tart or some fancy ratatouille, we guarantee you’ll be using this veggie like you never have before.

Summer Squash

Squash Collage


Summer time means delicious summer squash is in season. Summer squash is a soft-shelled variety of squash with thin edible skins and edible seeds. They include pattypan squash, crookneck squash, sunburst squash, yellow squash, chayote squash, and oposquash.

You can purée squash to make a refreshing raw soup, steam them for veggie skewers, add them into salads for a pop of color, make creamy risotto… the list goes on. And of course, if your local supermarket is looking a bit low in the summer squash department, you can always resort to butternut squash which is available  year round!


So are you ready to become a seasonal shopper? Because the Food Monster app is ready to help you! (Seriously, guys, download it here.)

One Green Planet’s Food Monster App makes eating plant-based and planet-friendly easier than ever! The App boasts 5000+ recipes (10+ added daily), making it one of the largest collections of meatless and dairy-free recipes. Scroll through thousands of mouth-watering recipes that contain no meat, dairy, or eggs, and no major environmental impact. The Food Monster app will bring thousands of delicious plant-based recipes into the palm of your hands and make it easier for everyone to #EatForThePlanet.