Can you believe that 2015 is already coming to a close? Neither can we! Amidst the talk of New Year’s Eve parties and New Year’s Resolutions, we think we should also take a moment to reflect on all the great food this year had to offer — and there was a lot of it. If you could travel back in time to the beginning of the year to tell your past self about all of the rediscovery and reinvention of food in 2015, would you believe half the stuff that’s happened? Did you ever think that jackfruit would be the new pulled pork, peas would be the go-to protein, or that we would unlock the power of meringues through something that used to be just thrown away? With so many new and innovative culinary trends in 2015, we can only look forward to what 2016 has in store for us.



  1. Peas

    These little green seeds can do your body a world of good! If you’re a plant-powered athlete, you might already know that green peas are one of the top sources of whole foods-based plant proteins — and they’re beating out soy protein. Green peas are especially popular in soups, spicy curries, and they’ve even been used in cookies. All we are saying,  if you haven’t jumped on board already, then Give Peas a Chance With These 20 Delicious Green Pea Recipes and after that, dive right into even more of our peas recipes.

  2. Jackfruit

    Jackfruit is the name of the fruit borne by the jack tree. Able to reach a maximum weight of about 80 pounds, you might be surprised to learn that this enormous spiny fruit is a member of the mulberry and fig family. It’s no wonder that jackfruit is one of the top trending foods of 2015. The texture of ripe jackfruit makes it perfect for savory, meaty dishes, meaning that if you’re looking for some extra fiber in your diet, it can be easily substituted for tofu, tempeh, and seitan. If you haven’t tried cooking with jackfruit yet, then click here to get started and then check out all of our other jackfruit recipes!

  3. Hearts of Palm

    Hearts of palm is the name for the white stalks harvested from the interior of certain types of palm trees. Their flavor is similar to that of an artichoke, meaning that traditionally, their culinary use is also similar, but in recent years, they’ve been used in new and innovative ways. Their ability to recreate the flavors and textures of popular seafood dishes like lobster rolls and crab cakes has earned hearts of palm a place on this list of top trending food. Don’t believe us? Then check out our hearts of palm recipes!

  4. Fermented Foods

    Did you know that fermented foods are both healthy and delicious? The spectrum of fermented foods covers a variety of delicious things, from kimchi to kombucha and even yogurt. Fermented food, which covers a variety of different things, were among the top trending foods of 2015. Fermented foods are a great source of lactic acid bacteria, which is great for digestion. And with so many different kinds of fermented foods, we guarantee you’ll find something you love. These Super Rad Recipes to Make with Tempeh and more are great places to get started, but you can also check out this guide to picked and fermented foods.

  5. Cauliflower

    Gone are the days when people thought cauliflower was “bland.” The taste and texture is like a blank slate, capable of taking on newer and more exciting flavors and forms. Not only is this antioxidant-rich veggie a flavor chameleon, its texture can also be transformed in a number of innovative ways. If you missed out on seeing how truly awesome this cruciferous veg can be, start 2016 the right way by seeing why Cauliflower is the New Kale and here to stay or by learning how you can transform it to replace different ingredients in your diet. Don’t forget to check out all of our other cauliflower recipes, either — can you really say no to healthier buffalo wings?

  6. Mushrooms

    You were probably already familiar with portobello, white button, and shiitake, but for many of us, 2015 was the first year that we’ve seen varieties like porcini, chanterelle, and oyster in grocery stores and on restaurant menus. There are so many Delicious Ways to Enjoy All Kinds of Mushrooms — like these recipes here.  If you’re more advanced, then we’ve got plenty of Cool Vegan Recipes Made with Mushrooms to help you fully experience mushrooms in all their splendor. From tender and juicy portobello steaks, to creamy soups, to meaty burgers, and even “calamari,” mushrooms are a welcome addition to savory meals of all kinds.

  7. Aquafaba

    Aquafaba is the most interesting food discovery of 2015. But what is it? Aquafaba refers to the liquid drained from canned chickpeas. The term was coined by American software engineer Goose Wolt following the groundwork laid out by Joel Roessel, in which it was discovered that the liquid from a can of chickpeas could be whipped up in a fashion similar to egg whites. Since the big breakthrough (and thanks to plenty of kitchen experiments from dedicated individuals), it has been verified that aquafaba can function as an emulsifier, leavening agent, and a foaming agent. making it the perfect ingredient for meringues, macarons, and even marshmallow fluff! Amazing, right? Learn more history and see some awesome recipes here or go here for our entire selection of aquafaba recipes.

  8. Ancient Grains

    Ancient grains is the colloquial term for whole grains that can be traced back to the beginning of time. While this includes rice and all its varieties, when we see the term “ancient grains” it typically means grains that haven’t gotten much attention from the Western world, like teff, amaranth, millet, and quinoa. These grains back a wallop of nutritional value, making them a better go-to option over refined grains when you’re craving carbs. As ancient as these grains are, people can’t get enough of them. Here are 35 Brand Spanking New Recipes Featuring Trendy Ancient Grains that showcase their versatility. Go ahead, Eat More Ancient Grains.

  9. Avocado Toast

    Throughout 2015, avocado toast has worked its way into the hearts and minds of all! Restaurants and food bloggers alike have stepped up their game in terms of taking us straight to flavor town. Although avocado toast isn’t exactly the new kid on the block in the foodie community, this is the year that it’s worked its way into the mainstream, cropping up on breakfast and brunch menus alike. Still not convinced? Then you’ve gotta try these 10 Creative Ways to Amp Up Your Avocado Toast Game.