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Christmas is almost here. Now’s the time to buy last minute gifts and to hang out those last few stockings by the chimney side. With the hustle of gift-shopping and decorating, don’t forget about the all-day feast that lies ahead, especially Christmas dinner. The traditional holiday dinner usually consists of roasted ham, beef tenderloin, and even turkey as the main entree. (Gasp!) Don’t worry though, there are just as many vegan options out there, including the ones below. Let’s start a tradition, a cruelty-free vegan Christmas dinner! Browse the recipe features below:

1. Vegan Main Dishes for Christmas

While many people traditionally eat meat-laden main dishes such as Christmas ham or prime rib, there are lots of vegan main dishes that will sure to impress and dress up any holiday table. A classic and comforting shepherd’s pie adds a nice touch to the dinner menu, as well as a meat-less pot roast. Try something daring and add a show-stopper like the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows! That will definitely satisfy even the pickiest eater’s sweet tooth.

Click here for 10 warm, delicious, and beautiful dishes to make or bring to a dinner party for this holiday season without the animal cruelty or click the image below.

Christmas Main Dishes

2. Epic Vegan Christmas Sides 

Dress up your Christmas dinner with sides! Christmas dinner would just not be complete without them and sides help complement and bring out the flavor in main dishes. Not sure what sides to make? Think Thanksgiving! Many of the sides you might have cooked up during the thankful holiday will also make festive sides with little tweaks here and there. Creamy mash potatoes, fluffy cornbread, sweet cranberry sauce, and many other Thanksgiving sides make great Christmas ones as well. Want to try something impressive? Try making homemade bread, like the Apple Pie Swirl Multigrain Bread Loaf or the Walnut Squash and Apple Bread. How about making a side with a splash of bourbon in it? Try this Mashed Sweet Potato with Apples and Bourbon. This, among many of our other vegan sides, would definitely give your guests an explosion of flavors.

Click here for side dish recipes to dress up Christmas dinner or click the image below

Christmas Sides

3. Vegan Stuffing For Your Holiday Dinner

These vegan stuffing recipes can help enhance any holiday dinner by bringing out unique flavors from ingredients like sourdough and cornbread to rice pilaf mixed with a fusion of butternut squash, cranberries, and pecans.We’ve got these 5 traditional and out of the ordinary stuffing recipes to satisfy any palate this Christmas.

Click here for recipes of delicious vegan stuffing ideas or click the image below

Christmas Stuffing

4. Delightful Christmas Cakes

For those who love sweets and dried fruit, add Christmas cakes to your holiday menu. Did you know? The Christmas cake was a merger of two English traditional dishes eaten during this time of year, the plum porridge and the Twelfth Night cake. They are usually variations of a fruit cake, but who says Christmas cake is just reserved for dried fruit? In the U.S., we just call dried fruit in a cake, “fruitcake,” but everyone else in the world calls it “Christmas Cake.” Some soak their cakes in rum, others soak it in brandy. Some serve Christmas cake on Christmas Eve, others serve it on Christmas Day.

Click here for recipes of Christmas-themed vegan cakes and impress your family and friends on Christmas eve or click the image below

Christmas Cakes

5. Perfectly Sweet Christmas Pies

Christmas pies come in all shapes and colors. A popular and traditional pie is the mince pie, a 2 to 3 in. mini pie filled with “mincemeat.” (But don’t fret, it’s not really meat.) Mincemeat contains dried fruit such as raisins, cherries, and apples, along with different nuts like pecans. The pies became a tradition for Christmas during the 16th century, although they traditionally were filled with some shredded meat, the modern-day mince pies are mostly made with dried fruit. (Thank goodness!) Other popular, classic pies include apple, pecan, and pumpkin. For the more adventurous spirit, try a pie with sweet potato, coconut, or chocolate banana. From alternative flour such as coconut flour to raw crusts with cashews, these sweet vegan pies are made with unique ingredients that will leave your guests flabbergasted with surprise that it’s completely dairy-free.

Click here for recipes of delicious Vegan Main Courses or click the image below

Christmas Sweet Pies

6. Must-Have Savory Christmas Pies

When you think of pies, you think of apple, pumpkin, and maybe pecan. But, do you automatically think of savory dishes like shepherd’s pie, corn pie, or chicken-less pot pie? Although sweet Christmas pies are a great addition to the Christmas day menu, consider making savory pies for a side dish or main course even! Many of these Christmas savory pies are also great comfort foods that will keep you warm and satisfied, like the chicken-less pot pie and the spicy butternut squash pie. These dishes are creamy, comforting, and packed with protein and fiber. Many of these dishes are “cheesy,” but are completely dairy-free! They are made with cashews, which provide a very creamy texture, or other cheese-free ingredients.

Click here for recipes of savory Christmas Pies for your next dinner party or click the image below

Savory Christmas Pies

7. Vegan Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a quintessential part of childhood memories and a tradition that never seems to get old during this time of year. A big batch is also set aside for Santa Claus, the night before Christmas.Spend time with the family and make Christmas-themed shaped sugar cookies or gingerbread men. Try your take on creations using shortbread or biscotti. Make a vegan version of creamy and frothy icing to top off these goodies. And don’t forget to leave some near the Christmas tree for good ole’ Santa!

Click here for recipes of delicious Christmas-themed cookies or click the image below

Vegan Christmas Cookies

8. Homemade Breads for Christmas

Christmas breads complement the holiday dinner table and also ensures everyone had a full and satisfying meal. Don’t buy boring, flavorless bread at the store. Make some homemade bread and guests will be impressed and amazed at your awesome baking skills. Baking your own bread at home will give you more leeway and you can experiment with different combinations of fruit such as banana, blueberry, or apples, and you could even add a little alcohol in some, like in this Quick Apple Cinnamon Beer Bread. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner table bread also make great Christmas additions to your menu. Try making vegan cornbread with whole corn kernels inside!

Click here for recipes of delicious Christmas homemade breads or click the image below

Christmas Breads

9. Christmas Vegan Casseroles

Christmas casseroles are an easy way to feed your whole family (and more) during this holiday season. They are simple to make, can keep long, and you can prepare them the night before. Casseroles can be pre-made on Christmas Eve and popped in the oven to heat up on Christmas day. It’s a time-saver and will leave you with more time celebrating with family and friends and opening presents! You can also freeze these main dishes after Christmas for some leftovers throughout the rest of the week. Casseroles are great to bring over for a potluck Christmas party or even into the office a couple days before the holiday. Try making the Butternut Squash, Portobello, and Spinach Casserole with Vegan Sausage and even the meat-eaters in your life will be amazed that this dish is completely vegan! Or how about a Green Bean Casserole, a perfect side dish to any dinner? These casseroles will leave you feeling full, warm, and comforted.

Click here for recipes of perfect Christmas casseroles or click the image below

Christmas casseroles

10. Vegan Christmas Desserts

Throughout this festive season, and during Christmas day, we are surrounded with family, friends, and lots of food! And dessert is a big part of that. From Christmas cake and puddings to mince pies and truffles, there are so many choices to choose from when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth. Why not make all of them? Or at least some? It’s hard to resist when all the dessert pictures below look so tempting, right? These vegan, in some cases raw vegan, versions of classic Christmas desserts are healthier alternatives. You can feel good about not eating any refined sugars, milk, or eggs in these bad boys. So, go ahead, eat up. Have one, two, or half of that batch you’re whipping up. You can enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your waistline with these goodies.

Click here for recipes of perfect Christmas desserts or click the image below

Christmas desserts

11. Truffles and Chocolate

When you are boggled down by your holiday to-do list and need some “me-time” from family, try indulging in some delicious, vegan truffles, candy, and chocolates. These are healthier options to store-bought sweets.Some of these desserts are also raw vegan, so you get the maximum nutritional benefits from a candy or truffle that you possibly can. Because, let’s face it, desserts aren’t ”superfoods,” but these are definitely the healthiest. They also make great homemade edible Christmas gifts for those on a budget and you will sure to be remembered as the best chef/baker there is.Best of all, you can eat more than one in a sitting without feeling guilty. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Click here for recipes of vegan truffles and chocolates or click the image below

Truffles and Chocolate

12. Vegan Egg Nogs

December is National Egg Nog Month (and National Egg Nog Day is Christmas Eve)! It’s the perfect month to celebrate this festive drink, since many only drink egg nog during the holidays. While egg nog usually consists of milk, eggs, cream, spices, and sometimes alcohol, try these vegan versions of a classic holiday drink. These are healthier, lighter, and definitely animal cruelty-free. Surprise your guests with these alternatives and let them know it’s totally vegan! After deciding on which vegan egg nog to make for your party, add bourbon, rum, or brandy to give your drink that extra kick. Make another batch sans alcohol so that the wee ones can enjoy this festive holiday drink too.

Click here for recipes of vegan egg nog or click the image below

Vegan Egg Nog

13. Edible Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

People are getting last minute gifts and hot toys and merchandise are flying off shelves. To spare you the trip, try making edible Christmas gifts, such as homemade chocolate. Edible gifts will not only spare you the trouble of fighting for that last box of the season’s best toy, but also will save you money. Homemade gifts, especially edible ones, will always be remembered.

Click here for recipes of edible holiday gifts or click the image below

Raw Coconut Truffles

14. Warm / Fuzzy Holiday Drinks

Another fun addition to holiday festivities, drinks can make a party, well, more festive! A signature cocktail can add more holiday spirit to any party, as well as a big bowl of punch. Try our raw vega egg nog or apple cider for a more traditional holiday drink. For those with allergies, we have a Allergy-Friendly Holiday Nog or try something out of the ordinary like our Carrot Nog. To warm up by the fireside, sip some homemade hot cocoa – flavored with some minty goodness.

Click here for recipes of vegan egg nog or click the image below



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