The alternative dairy market is expected to grow by 12.4% over the course of the next few years, and has brought in over 9.8 billion dollars in revenue in 2017 alone!

This industry is marketed towards consumers with dairy insensitivities while being comparable in taste and texture to real dairy products. This market includes products like non-dairy cream, cheese, frozen yogurt, milk, and even ice cream. It is also highly segmented, breaking it down into categories like food and beverages, sauces and dressings, cheese and yogurt, and nutritional content as well.


The reason behind this fragmentation is purely strategic. Products within these fragmented categories are produced after undergoing clinical trials and mock product launches. Major retailers of non-dairy products increase their footprint in the market by investing in extensive research and development and by forming strategic partnerships with other companies.

The recent rise in the sale of alternative dairy products seems to be attributed to the rising number of persons committing to a vegan diet, a growing development of milk allergies and lactose intolerance, and a general spike in the beverage industry.

As of now, the most successful retailers in the alternative dairy industry are The Whitewave Foods, The Hain Celestial Group, Blue Diamond Growers, Amy’s Kitchen, Earth’s Own Food Company, and Doves Farm Foods, to name a few.

It seems that new non-dairy food and beverage products are popping up everywhere in the market these days. The success of the alternative dairy industry means the development of more and more options for vegan and plant-based consumers!


Are you eager to make your own home dairy alternatives?

Buying store-bought dairy alternatives is always an excellent and convenient option, but sometimes nothing is better than the taste of something homemade. For delicious dairy-free recipes, try some of these from our Food Monster App!

Simple Vanilla Oat Milk

This Simple Vanilla Oat Milk is a creamy, non-dairy alternative for those with soy or nut intolerances. It also is much more cost-effective than purchasing store-bought oat milk!

Paprika Cheese

Vegan cheese can be a little pricey sometimes, so why not try making your own smoky, zesty Paprika Cheese!

Chocolate Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love Chocolate Ice Cream? This non-dairy version is just as creamy as traditional ice cream but much healthier!


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Lead Image Source: Mike Mozart/Flickr