A Hawaiian startup is turning a waste byproduct of the cashew industry into a delicious plant-based meat substitute.

Cajú Love uses the cashew apple to make their plant-based meat alternative. It is the fleshy stem of the plant that is often discarded when harvesting cashew nuts.

The brand describes it as being high in vitamins and fiber, as well as having a shreddable texture similar to chicken.

Felipe Barreneche, the co-founder of Cajú Love, said, “When I found out that cashew nuts grew on a fruit that was considered waste in the nut industry, I knew we had to do something to change that. The fruit is full of health benefits and cooks just like chicken, pork, tuna, and ground meat — it is delicious. My mission is to share with the world a quality whole food plant-based meat alternative that is good for you and sustainable.”

The company hopes to inspire more people to eat mindfully by making more sustainable and kinder food options, especially when it comes to replacing animal products like meat.

This cashew meat sounds like a great product and one that will, hopefully, take off in popularity as it is also helping reduce waste while providing a delicious plant-based meat substitute.

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