Summer may not be officially over, but chilly nights are already beginning to creep up on us. Gone are the days of light, refreshing, raw, and chilled summer soups — it’s time to introduce some comfort food into our weekly recipe rotations. What better way to enjoy the transition than with hearty, filling soups and stews?

Soups are generally on the lighter side, so to make them meal-worthy, add pulses! Pulses are a type of legume that includes all lentils, dry peas, dry beans, and chickpeas. They’re high in protein and fiber and low in fat, so they’re a great way to bulk up your meals while still getting nutrition. You can add them to thick, rich stews like this Masoor Dal or brothy soups like this Quinoa Lentil Broth Bowl.

We love soup because it’s so easy to make — you can throw just about anything in a pot together and the results will be delicious. But if you’re looking for recipes that really know how to bring it to the flavor table, then look no further than right here. Try these 15 hearty, protein-rich soups that’ll make you feel full and content.

1. Easy Pressure Cooker Barbecue Lentil Stew

barbecue lentil stew

This Easy Pressure Cooker Barbecue Lentil Stew is one of those meals that improves the longer it sits. So, it’s definitely wise to make a big batch and eat it throughout the week for a series of quick and delicious meals! It’s hearty, packed with lentils and veggies, and a sweet, spicy homemade barbecue sauce you’ll want to slather on everything.

2. Moroccan Miso, Lentil, and Pumpkin Soup

moriccan miso lentil soup

This Moroccan Miso, Lentil, and Pumpkin Soup is inspired by the fresh, vibrant flavors of Morocco. Although it’s not a traditional ingredient, the addition of miso paste gives the soup a deeper, more umami flavor. You can also use a Moroccan spice mix if you don’t have the individual spices listed below.

3. Spiced Chickpeas With Harissa and Tamarind

spiced chickpea stew with tamarind

These Spiced Chickpeas With Harissa and Tamarind are a hearty melody of savory and subtle tartness. The tangy, sweetly sour tamarind, nutty chickpeas and spicy harissa meld well together and it’s even better after a day or two. Make a big batch of this stew so you’ll have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week. It’s wonderful for quick weeknight meals, especially perfect over quinoa and peas, or rice or with some pita bread.

4. Mexican Green Pozole With Chickpeas

mexican green pozole

Pozole is a Mexican stew that’s typically made with corn. In this Mexican Green Pozole With Chickpeas, the corn used in traditional pozole soup is replaced with chickpeas, and the tomatoes are replaced with green tomatillos. It’s then topped with shredded lettuce, sliced avocado, and fresh herbs to add extra greens into the mix. It’s rich in flavor and is best eaten with corn chips on cold days when you have hardly any energy to spare.

5. Sweet Potato and Tomato Red Lentil Dal

sweet potato and red lentil dal

Tender sweet potatoes, tangy tomatoes, rich red lentils, and creamy coconut milk … This Sweet Potato and Tomato Red Lentil Dal is lush with flavor. Served over a bed of brown rice, not only is it flavorful, but it’s also hearty and filling. Indian soul food deliciousness!

6. Jamaican Pigeon Peas Soup

pigeon peas soup

Although this Jamaican Pigeon Peas Soup includes starchy vegetables like yam and sweet potatoes, the broth is light. Legumes and potatoes make it hearty, meaning that this soup will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Chili pepper is slowly simmered with fresh and dry herbs for a deliciously subtle flavor that’s never too spicy.

7. French Onion, Fennel, and Green Lentil Soup

french onion soup

This French Onion, Fennel, and Green Lentil Soup is an unforgettable twist on a classic is a twist on the classic. It’s got French green lentils to help keep you full and crunchy fennel fronds for texture. It has such a depth of flavor that will sooth your soul — just don’t forget to top it with bread and melty vegan cheese!

8. Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Red Lentil Stew

sweet potato quinoa and red lentil stew

This Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Red Lentil Stew isn’t your typical lentil stew — the addition of sweet potato and quinoa not only boosts this recipe’s nutritional profile, but they also add a textural counterpoint to the soft red lentils. This recipe is versatile, too. Yellow potatoes or carrots could easily stand in for the sweet potatoes and, if you prefer a creamier soup, a splash of coconut milk will do the trick. Just don’t leave out the lemon juice!

9. Coconut and Chickpea Mulligatawny Soup

mulligatawny soup

Mulligatawny is a British-Indian fusion dish (similar to the origins of tikka masala) that doesn’t actually have a definitive recipe or even flavor profile. However, it is usually a thick vegetable soup that’s generously seasoned with various spices. This Coconut and Chickpea Mulligatawny Soup is fragrant with coriander, turmeric, pepper, and coconut, and the result is a truly lovely soup for chilly days.

10. Slow-Cooker Lentil Miso Soup

slow cooker miso mentil soup

Do you always order miso soup to start off your sushi outings? If so, you should definitely try this Slow-Cooker Lentil Miso Soup. In addition to miso, this flavorful broth contains ginger, soy sauce, onion, and rice vinegar. Toss all the ingredients in a slow-cooker in the morning and check dinner off your list for the day!

11. Hearty Barley Lentil Soup With Potatoes

heaty barley soup

A simple recipe for a comforting, Hearty Barley Lentil Soup With Potatoes comes in very handy on those days when you’re pressed for time to cook dinner, and yet you’re in the mood for a warm, filling soup that tastes like you had to put a lot of effort into it. The combination of lentils and a hearty grain like barley provides nutrients and essential amino acids that help our bodies build muscle. Potatoes make this soup even more filling. Don’t have barley in your pantry at the moment? Brown rice or quinoa will work just as well.

12. Peppery Red Lentil Soup With Kale and Lemon

peppery red lentil soup with kale and lemon

You can’t go wrong with a warm and comforting bowl of this Pepper Red Lentil Soup With Kale and Lemon. Red lentils, in particular, are extremely simple to cook and have the amazing ability to dissolve into a creamy soup in very little time. Cooked with kale, pepper, and a zing of lemon, this soup is one you’ll make again and again.

13. Pumpkin Minestrone

pumpkin minestrone

Everything is better with pumpkin. This lovely Pumpkin Minestrone is a tasty combination of pumpkin, hearty white beans, kale, and tomatoes! Try it as an appetizer, or as a meal served with crusty bread for dipping.

14. Rosemary Black-Eyed Pea Soup With Kale

rosemary black-eyed pea soup

This Rosemary Black-Eyed Pea Soup With Kale is a must-make. The mellow flavor of these peas, as opposed to the stronger tasting black or red bean variety, goes nicely and does not overpower the other flavors in this soup. Since this dish spends most of the cooking time in a pressure cooker, it’s a convenient and effortless dinner option.

15. Colombian Black Bean Stew

colombian black bean stew

Not only is this Colombian Black Bean Stew super easy to make and utterly delicious, but it’s also extremely healthy, full of plant-based protein and fiber. It’s proof that healthy plant-based food does not need to be complicated or expensive. It uses inexpensive foods like black beans, onion, and garlic to make a hearty meal, especially when served with a side of grains and topped with sliced avocado.

There’s nothing like a big, comforting bowl of soup for dinner on a chilly day! What’s the first recipe you need to try? Tell us in the comments!

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Lead image source: Colombian Black Bean Stew