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From carrots to beets, white, red, purple, and sweet potatoes and more … all root veggies are delicious! And let’s not forget garlic and onions, two powerful roots that provide all sorts of flavorful and healthy benefits. Root veggies are hearty, filling, inexpensive, and packed with vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and magnesium. They’re also helpful for keeping you full and helping you crave less unhealthy foods … especially when you give up meat and want some heft in your meals. See all sorts of ways to give root veggies some new life below!

  • How to Cook Delicious Root Veggies

    Not just baked and roasted, root veggies can be cooked (and not cooked) in all sorts of ways. See How to Cook Delicious Root Veggies to add flavor, variety, and ease to each meal.

  • How to Pan Roast Root Veggies

    Roasted sweet potatoes and roasted beets are some of the most delicious vegetables to roast since they develop a caramelized flavor, but you can use all kinds of root vegetables and even roast them altogether. Pan roasting is a great option that provides a crispy outside but chewy, soft inside. See How to Roast Root Vegetables here for delicious sides and entree toppings just minutes away!

  • The Best Ways to Chop and Prepare Root Veggies

    To learn the best tricks for cutting your root veggies for cooking success and prevent uneven textures or flavors, you’ll need to remember a few pointers. Here are The Best Ways to Chop and Prepare Your Favorite Root Veggies so you’ll be able to prepare the tastiest options possible.

  • All of Our Root Vegetable Recipes

    Now, let’s get cooking, shall we? See all of our vegan root vegetable recipes here. We’ve got everything from sweet potato hash to fritters, casseroles, muffins, and more! Or, check out the ingredients below that are broken up into different types of root veggies too.

  • Beet Recipes

    Don’t hate on beets … they’re actually really good when you know what to do with them (no, not sliced and boiled like you grew up eating!). See all our vegan beet recipes here that will shock you at how great they taste!

  • Carrot Recipes

    Not just for snacking, these veggies can be enjoyed raw, steamed, or just about any other way you can think of. See all our vegan carrot recipes here!

  • Garlic

    No doubt a classic way to add flavor to your foods is just to add a little garlic and call it a day. Plus, call yourself healthy too! Full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and vitamin C, garlic is a staple we should all have on hand. Here are all of our garlic recipes to explore so your taste buds never get bored!

  • Onions

    Onions are another classic staple to keep on hand. Know which onion to use with the right recipe by checking out these tips, and see all our red onion, yellow onion, and shallot recipes to cook up tonight!

  • Potatoes

    Fries on a green plate with dipping sauces

    Potatoes are a common staple that have been used throughout hundreds of years to keep the body full and satisfied. They can also be healthy for you if you eat the skins, which are rich in fiber and vitamins, plus minerals and antioxidants. See our potato recipes here for heft, heartiness, and tons of nutrition!

  • Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes are a potato we all love to love … there’s just no other way to put it! See all our sweet potato recipes here, we’ll let these do the talkin!